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Commercial vehicles


Four engineers made an electric range test of Tevva's dual-energy truck prototype, which they used to test the hydrogen-electric truck. Tevva is still focusing on building and delivering its 7.5t battery-electric vehicle, but it is also… Continue reading

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Recently, Mercedes-Benz has made it clear that it sees hydrogen and fuel cells as the basis for making future heavy long-distance transport CO2-neutral. The Mercedes-Benz GenH2, which has been rolling on the company's test tracks since the… Continue reading

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Toyota has announced specific launch dates for the second generation of its hydrogen fuel cell model. Production of the updated Toyota Mirai series will begin in Japan this fall. The Japanese company has sold more than 10,000 units of the… Continue reading

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Commercial vehicles


Skai Flying Car is the mobility solution from BMW and Alaka'i Technologies that differs from the rest of flying cars that we have seen to date by one feature: it is powered by hydrogen fuel cells . It is an aircraft equipped with six… Continue reading