It is designed to transport visitors, staff, athletes or people with special accessibility needs.

Toyota launches the first vehicle of the support program for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games: an electric shuttle that will make transport accessible even to those who are not in a position to drive independently. The project is part of Toyota's electrification strategy, which plans to launch its first electric cars in 2020.

The new APM (Accessible People Mover) marks the partnership between the Japanese manufacturer and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, starting from July 24 next year.

Driven by an electric motor with a maximum speed of 19 km /h, powered by a battery that will guarantee approximately 100 km of autonomy, APM can accommodate 5 people + the driver or 2 people + one in a wheelchair + the driver. 

APM traffic agility is ensured by the 4.8-meter turning radius and compact dimensions (3.9 meters long, 1.6 m wide, 2 m high). During the Games, Toyota will dedicate about 200 APM to the transportation of visitors and personnel.

The driver's seat has been raised and centered. Thus, the driver can see and help passengers in or need to enter or leave the vehicle.

It will be valuable for all visitors to the "Olympic village", from athletes to staff, but also for transporting visitors with accessibility needs such as the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women and families with small children, among the others.

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