Delivering packages and pizza, for example, flexibly, practically, and emission-free down to the city center – while being as maneuverable as it is weather-protected? The right choice is the new Opel Rocks-e KARGO, 100% electric. Opel's unique tiny electric LCV model of its first SUM (Sustainable Urban Mobility) will soon be available as a perfect complement to the fleets of several business clients. This is made possible by the ultra-compact proportions of 2.41 x 1.39 x 1.52 meters (length x width x height), including more than 400 liters of cargo space and an electric range of up to 75 kilometers (WLTP).

Opel's SUM family has expanded with the addition of an equally unorthodox compact delivery vehicle in the form of the new Rocks-e KARGO. Not only will Opel make young people under the age of 15 and commuters more mobile in metropolitan areas in the future, but it will also enable commercial delivery services ranging from package delivery to pizza delivery. Because online commerce and the demand for doorstep deliveries are overgrowing, the Opel Rocks-e KARGO is the innovative mobility solution to meet this demand.

With a turning circle of just 7.20 meters, the 2.41 x 1.39 x 1.52 meters (length x width x height) city electric car is maneuvered around narrow bends and alleyways or into small parking spots. Additionally, the driver and cargo are constantly sheltered from the elements.

Rather than the passenger seat found on the Rocks-e two-seater, which is currently available, the Rocks-e KARGO has a modular loading compartment. A vertical wall visibly separates the driver's compartment from the side baggage compartment. In addition, the bulkhead has the same amount of room and driving comfort as the conventional Rocks-e.

The partitioned loading compartment may be accessed straight from the driver's seat or via the passenger door. Just fold up the horizontal cover over the loading compartment toward the window for the latter. When parcels and the like are removed from the e-mobile from the passenger side, the door can be opened upward toward the driver. Additionally, when the cover is placed horizontally in its anchoring, it holds up to 40 kg and doubles as a functional transportable "desk." Due to the precision fit of the indentations, delivery notes and clipboards in A4 size and laptops or tablets may be securely put here. Another folding storage section for sunglasses, calendars, or pencils is slightly higher behind it.

To further expand the Opel Rocks-e KARGO's loading choices, the horizontal device may be removed and stored under the driver's seat. This method may also be used to carry larger and taller things. Additionally, the Rocks-e KARGO's passenger side loading floor is adjustable. This may be secured at seat height, dividing the loading compartment into two distinct compartments, or lowered to floor level. Thus, the loading area of the ultra-compact E-LCV (electric light commercial vehicles) can accept goods up to 1.20 meters in length. The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO has a total loading volume of more than 400 liters and a payload capacity of 140 kg. As a result, it is an innovative, cost-effective, zero-emission mode of travel for delivery services inside the city and beyond.

Customers of the Opel Rocks-e KARGO may rely on the Rocks-e series' standard strengths: As with all other types, the electric motor is rated at 6 kW / 8 HP continuous power (9 kW/12 HP maximum power for acceleration). The tiny electric city car has a range of up to 75 kilometers, which can be covered at a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The 5.5 kWh battery is completely charged in around four hours when connected to a typical home outlet. The three-meter charging wire is located within the Opel SUM vehicle and is easily accessed through the passenger door when needed. In addition, Opel provides a charging adaptor for use at public charging stations.

The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO's two-tone front and back aprons and the distinctive Opel brand face are also unique. Because, as is the case with every new electric model, the LCV variant proudly wears the Opel Vizor on the front. All Opel Rocks-e light commercial vehicles come equipped with LED headlights and indicators. Side skirts and other body panels emphasize the unique city electric vehicle's muscular look. The doors, which are identical in form, are also eye-catching — the passenger door swings forward, while the driver's door swings in the opposite direction. Drivers who are taller than 1.90 meters will also find ample room inside. The standard panoramic glass top creates an unusually bright and comfortable ambiance for a car in its class.

This year, the Opel's Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) family will be completed with the new Opel Rocks-e KARGO. In the coming weeks, additional information on the price and availability of the ultra-compact 100% electric delivery vehicle will be provided.

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