At eCarExpo in Gothenburg, Renault will present the new Renault Megane E-tech Electric and Renault Kangoo E-tech Electric. Renault's first mass-market electric vehicle, the Renault Megane e-Tech Electric, features a new sensual tech design language, a compact exterior but spacious interior, and a new infotainment system based on Google with 24 different languages "screen, and a slender 60 kWh battery that can power it for up to 47 miles (WLTP).

To better serve its clients, Renault reintroduced the Kangoo E-Tech Electric van this past fall, along with several upgraded features. Kangoo's original range of 200 km has been increased to 300 km. The 90 kW motor and the 45 kWh battery pack may be charged in various methods, including rapid charging, which increases the vehicle's range to 170 km in just thirty minutes. Carrying capacity is the same as both the diesel and gasoline models. This electric minivan has a towing capacity of 1500 kg. With over 4,000 units sold, the Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric is Sweden's best-selling electrical transport vehicle, making up roughly 35% of the market. The Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric minivan was named 2022's Transport Car of the Year.

"Corporations are switching to fossil fuel-free transportation at an accelerated rate." Kristoffer Bernström, head of corporate sales at Renault Sweden, says, "interest is growing in electric transport cars, but there are also other fossil-free alternatives, like hydrogen, where Renault has solutions in the works for its transport vehicles."

Stop by the Renault booth at the eCarExpo in Gothenburg, and reps will fill you in on the details of the Renault Megane E-tech Electric car and Renault Kangoo E-tech electric van. The Renault Kangoo E-tech Electric minivan version will also be introduced in the spring of 2023. 

Renault Megane E-tech Electric and Renault Kangoo E-tech Electric are available for test driving at the 2022 eCarExpo in Gothenburg.

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