The Scania Citywide electric bus is the winner of "busplaner Innovation Award 2022." More than 1,000 busplaner readers voted for the most innovative and practical solution in the "Electric Buses for City" category: the Scania Citywide all-electric low-floor bus.

Designed for inner-city and suburban traffic, the latest generation of the Scania Citywide BEV relies on the proven modular system, low entry, up-to-date safety systems, and different energy-efficient drive trains.

"We are very proud that the Scania Citywide could secure the most votes as an electric bus. Our fully electric low-floor bus stands for highly developed passenger transport. It is the versatile answer to the strong urban growth, strict legal requirements, and our customers' high expectations, the bus operators," says Bernhard Schmidt, Director Sales Buses, Scania Germany Austria. "Thanks to a range of up to 300 km and fast battery charging, the Scania Citywide BEV is particularly suitable for high passenger capacity and maximum uptime operations."

The Scania Citywide BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is equipped with a powerful 300 kW electric motor. Thanks to the Scania oil spray cooling of the engine, there is no torque limitation either in hilly terrain or in warm climate conditions. Even on an 8 percent incline, the bus can maintain a speed of 30 km/h. Since this system works independently of the vehicle air conditioning, no compromises are necessary.

Six batteries are located on the roof and another four in the bus's rear to lower the vehicle's center of gravity and ensure better driveability and handling. The vehicle bus is also equipped with a charging option for a direct current of up to 150 kW.

The modern and sophisticated exterior design of the Scania Citywide signals innovation, quality, and progressiveness. It is characterized by a minimalist design language and includes, among other things, roof cladding for components such as air conditioning units, gas tanks, and battery packs. In addition, low-cut windows help erase the boundaries between the electric bus and its surroundings. Added to this are easily accessible service points and easily replaceable corner panels, which reduce the time required for repair and maintenance work.

Scania has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in terms of sustainable mobility. Therefore, the Scania Citywide is not only available as an e-bus but also as a full hybrid, biogas, and classic diesel bus.

The busplaner readers were able to vote for their favorites from December 20, 2021, to March 9, 2022, at The "busplaner Innovation Award 2022" winners were chosen at Berlin's BUS2BUS trade fair (April 27-28, 2022).

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