The Volkswagen ID Buzz electric van is a crucial component of the German automaker's electric vehicle strategy. They are now exclusively manufactured in the facility in Hanover (Germany) at a pace of 15,000 units per year. In some markets, the available sign has been suspended, and it looks like getting an ID Buzz electric van in 2023 will be a challenge due to high demand.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz electric minivan has already received over 20,000 orders, according to the company. That's even before they arrive at dealerships, and long before customers can test drive them. According to what the brand has said, once it hits the shelves, the number of orders will surge.

Another element that lends credence to the estimates is that the most expensive variant, with the 77 kWh battery and rear-wheel drive, is currently available. There are just two options: a passenger version and an industrial variant. As a result, the following expansion of the range with an entry-level version, as well as a version with a bigger battery and all-wheel drive, will broaden the range of possible buyers once again.

It remains to be seen whether manufacturing capability can meet this demand. And it is predicted that this year, despite announcing the production of 15,000 units, nearly half will be allocated for dealers and display models. So, if Volkswagen doesn't want demand to pile up and lead times to increase, it'll have to speed up manufacturing.

In an increasingly broad and competitive market, this will unavoidably result in the loss of certain clients who are unwilling to wait.


The Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo will start at 56,000 eurosVolkswagen ID Buzz the passenger version with the Pro finish from 64,000 euros, and the Volkswagen ID Buzz 1st Edition special launch from 71,000 euros.

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