For BMW, the future is digital, circular, and electric. Last year, BMW debuted the I Vision Circular, a prototype of its new circular vision concept. The BMW I Vision Dee, unveiled this year, is the company's latest technological feat and a watershed moment in developing the "NEUE KLASSE" lineup of vehicles.

BMW's I Vision Dee showcases what can be accomplished when hardware and software are combined. The automobile is transformed into a helpful and perceptive traveling companion by leveraging all that digital technology offers. The car symbolizes progress, demonstrating how crucial digitization will be to the next generation of consumer goods.

Minimalist in appearance, the BMW I Vision Dee is a vision of the future in the compact luxury sedan segment. The name "Dee" is an acronym for "Digital Emotional Experience," which perfectly describes the project's goal: to improve the connection between the driver and the vehicle. The capabilities of digital devices will expand significantly beyond the current state of voice control and driver assistance.

BMW's Mixed Reality Slider and high-tech head-up display are the car's digital crowning achievements. The advanced Head-Up Display can show the driver varying degrees of digital information, as determined by the driver via low-tech dashboard sensors. A total of five distinct phases make up the system, beginning with a purely analog state and progressing through the presentation of driving-related data, content from the communication system, augmented reality projection, and finally, entry into virtual worlds.

Information is projected across the entire width of the windshield in the BMW I Vision Dee when the display is activated. The BMW I Vision Dee demonstrates the capabilities of a cutting-edge Head-Up-Display using this projection technology, which has tremendous potential for use in future designs. From the year 2025 onward, NEUE CLASS models will come standard with this projecting display.

Outside the car, a personalized welcome scenario combines visual and acoustic cues to set the tone for the rest of the digital experience inside. The vehicle's ability to express a range of feelings is thanks to a "phygital" (a combination of physical and digital) icon formed by the interplay of the headlights and the kidney grill. As a result, BMW I Vision Dee can have conversations with humans and use facial expressions to convey feelings like happiness, surprise, and agreement.

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The digital experience is prioritized in the car's design, which has a deliberately minimalist aesthetic. The exterior takes cues from BMW's traditional sedan body style. The kidney grille, the twin round headlights, and the Hofmeister chin are all examples of conventional design cues that have been reimagined as phygital icons. This gives the BMW I Vision Dee a distinct digital yet human personality.

The number of materials, operating controls, and displays inside the vehicle have been minimized while digitization has been ramped up. The unusual layout of the wheel allows for the incorporation of phygital touchpoints that respond to the user's touch. Here, the "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road" tenet is fully respected, as the driver can choose what is displayed on the windshield without taking their attention off the road.

"We show you how the BMW I Vision Dee can fit in with your digital life like a glove and end up being a trustworthy sidekick with our demonstration. The automobile serves as the user's portal into a digital realm over which they maintain constant command," BMW Group Design Head Adrian van Hooydonk says.

The BMW iX Flow, which uses E-Ink technology to allow for instantaneous exterior color changes, was a big hit at last year's CES. BMW Group presents an upgraded version at this year's expo, with a wider range of color options (32 versus just black and white). New features are on display on the BMW I Vision Dee, outfitted with a film developed in collaboration with E Ink, a BMW Group supplier. Two hundred forty individual exterior sections can be customized independently. This allows for an almost infinite number of possible patterns, each of which can be toggled on and off in a matter of seconds.

The NEUE KLASSE is a new generation of models that raises the bar regarding connectivity, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. More details and teasers for the revolutionary vehicle concept that BMW Group will introduce in 2025 will be released soon. @via BMW USA.

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