The new Volkswagen models ID.5, Polo, and Taigo have all achieved five out of five possible stars and thus the best possible result in the prestigious Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) safety test. Furthermore, Euro NCAP rated the 100% electric SUV coupe and the two new compact models with internal combustion engines as excellent in all four tested categories - protection of adults in the car, children, and unprotected road users and concerning standard fitted assistance systems.

The three Volkswagen models did exceptionally well in the "Passenger protection for adults" category. The Volkswagen ID.5 electric SUV achieved 93% of the total possible points, while Polo and Taigo managed to get up to 94%. The examination is based, among other things, on tests with frontal and side collisions and whiplash injuries. The excellent result for ID.5 has emerged from crash tests and an assessment of measures about the fastest possible rescue and salvage. Another essential safety feature is the center airbag for the front seats, part of the equipment in all three tested Volkswagen models. In case of side collisions, this center airbag can help prevent possible contact between the heads of the people in the front seats or at least reduce it.

In the "Protection of children" category, the Volkswagen ID.5 electric SUV achieved 89%. This assessment is based on three essential aspects: In addition to the protection provided by child safety systems in the event of a frontal or side impact, there was also a focus on the possibilities for the safe installation of child seats of various sizes and on the car's equipment for transporting children. Volkswagen Polo (80%) and Volkswagen Taigo (84%) also excelled in this category.

In the category "Assistant systems," ID.5 impressed with 85% of the possible points. Taigo and Polo both achieved a result of 70% in this category. They are all standard equipped with, among other things, a fatigue registration, the "Front Assist" emergency brake assistant with city emergency brake function and pedestrian registration, and the lane assistant.

In addition to passenger protection in cars, Euro NCAP also tests how well automatic emergency braking systems can protect unprotected road users (pedestrians and cyclists) in an impending collision. "Front Assist," which is standard equipment in Volkswagen ID.5 electric car, Taigo, and Polo, is good at registering these road users according to Euro NCAP. The area monitoring system detects critical distance conditions using a radar sensor and a camera and helps to shorten the braking distance. In dangerous situations, the system warns the person behind the wheel visually and acoustically and with a brake boost and automatic braking. In the pedestrian and cyclist protection category, Volkswagen ID.5 achieved 76%, while Volkswagen Taigo (71%) and Volkswagen Polo (70%) followed right in the drop wind.

With five out of five possible stars for Volkswagen ID.5, Volkswagen Polo, and Volkswagen Taigo, the german company emphasizes its strict requirements for the highest safety. It continues a successful series: the most recently achieved Volkswagen ID.4 in April 2021 and the compact Volkswagen ID.3 in October 2020 top marks at Euro NCAP. In 2019, Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen T-Cross were awarded top stars.

Since 1997, the Euro NCAP assessment program has served as a strict measure of the safety of new car models in Europe. It quickly provides car buyers with safety information in popular new models. In recent years, the test procedures and requirements for the standard-fitted assistance systems and passive safety have been constantly tightened. Details of those tests are publicly available at

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