The partnership between Polestar and Luminar Technologies is continuing with the goal of incorporating long-range LiDAR technology into upcoming vehicles manufactured by Polestar. The application of LiDAR technology is continuing to pick up steam as the attention paid to the security and autonomy of the next generation increases globally.

The expanded partnership will be the foundation for collaboration on industrial design and the integration of Luminar's 3D laser scanning technology, both of which will be incorporated into future Polestar vehicles. This now includes the Polestar 5, a four-door electric GT based on the Polestar Precept concept vehicle and scheduled to be released in 2024.

The relationship between the two businesses was established through Volvo Cars, and as part of that agreement, Luminar is responsible for providing LiDAR technology for the Polestar 3. The first Polestar SUV, which debuted in October 2022, is now being offered for purchase in the first markets to feature Luminar's LiDAR technology. Customers can now place orders for Polestar 3 with Luminar's LiDAR technology, which was brought ahead to coincide with the launch. Deliveries are anticipated to take place in 2024.

"Luminar is at the forefront of long-range LiDAR system, and thanks to this deeper relationship, we will be able to implement even more innovation in our future electric cars." According to Polestar's Chief Executive Officer Thomas Ingenlath, "We are excited to combine our research and development and product design skills to create genuinely amazing LiDAR integration and functionality for the Polestar brand."

"Polestar's appreciation of Luminar and our technology has strengthened further due to the successful collaboration. We will push the boundaries of automotive technology and design into new territories for the next generation with the help of the newly expanded partnership and the pioneering spirit that is characteristic of both companies," said Austin Russell, Founder and CEO of Luminar, who also serves as Luminar's Chairman of the Board.

Beginning on February 2, 2023, Polestar's customers in the European and North American markets will be able to place orders. Orders will begin being taken in Australia a little later in February, and the launch in China is scheduled for the middle of April. It is anticipated that ordering opportunities will commence in all other Polestar markets later.

It is anticipated that the first deliveries of the Polestar 3 equipped with LiDAR will begin at the end of 2024. Orders for the Polestar 3 without LiDAR, which could be placed starting on the day of the world premiere on October 12, 2022, are anticipated to be fulfilled in the fourth quarter of 2023. The anticipated delivery date for the Polestar 3 or Polestar's independent mass production of Luminar's LiDAR technology has stayed the same, in general, and there are no plans for this to occur.

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