Series production of the BMW iX electric car started on 2 July at the Dingolfing plant in Germany. The same production line now produces internal combustion engines, hybrid and all-electric models.

The Dingolfing plant in Germany is BMW's largest European plant, which manufactures the new BMW iX and the BMW 5, 7 and 8 series on the same production line. To increase flexibility in handling different transmission lines, BMW has expanded and re-technologized the factory assembly line. The company has invested more than 400 million euros in the production of the BMW iX.

The launch of the BMW iX is a new milestone in the electrification of BMW's range and demonstrates the success of BMW's production network in the transition to electrification and digitalisation. Many of the changes required by the BMW iX will benefit the next generations of the BMW 7 and 5 Series, which will begin production in the coming years.

The BMW iX plays an essential role as a leader in the production of electric cars in Dingolfing. The plant will introduce many innovations in product and production processes, especially in vehicle electrical system architecture, software, digital services, connectivity and automated driving functions.

The production of the BMW iX requires even more expertise in digitalisation and the electrification of traffic. That’s why BMW has launched its biggest training investment ever - 75,000 employees being trained for future skills needs. Thousands of workers at the Dingolfing plant have already moved to jobs with strong prospects.

With the BMW iX and other hybrid models manufactured at the Dingolfing plant, the BMW Group intends to double the share of electrified vehicles produced this year compared to 2020. Customers will be able to receive the first BMW iX fully electric vehicles in November. The launch of the BMW iX will be followed by the BMW i4.

From 2006 to 2020, the BMW Group was able to cut resource consumption per vehicle production by more than half. CO2 emissions have been reduced even further - by as much as 78 %. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions per vehicle produced by a further 80% by 2030. The entire Dingolfing plant, like all BMW Group sites, will be carbon-neutral from this year.

Launched last November, the BMW iX is a production version of the iNEXT concept car revealed last year. The BMW iX model combines an electric power line, technological innovation and a responsible value chain. Ethical sourcing of raw materials, the use of renewable energy in production and the extensive use of recycled materials make the new BMW iX's carbon footprint significantly smaller than the previous one.

BMW is seeking a leading position in the iX as a user of recycled materials. Overall, every BMW iX has around 60 kilos of recycled plastic. In addition, up to 50 % of the aluminium used in material casting is recycled.

In addition to manufacturing, responsibility has also been taken into account in the daily use of the iX model. The efficiency of BMW's electric motors is 93 %. Intelligent energy recovery uses navigation system data as well as sensor data to improve the car's electricity consumption.

The entry-level model of the BMW iX family is the BMW iX xDrive40 (326 hp). With an electric range of up to 425 km, it is suitable for most people's daily trips. The BMW iX xDrive50 is more powerful than the xDrive40: it has an engine with 523 hp and a range of up to 630 km.

The BMW iX measures 4,953 mm in length, 1,967 mm in width and 1,696 mm in height. Both models come standard with an engine on both axles and four-wheel drive. The BMW iX xDrive50 comes standard with adaptive air suspension.

For the first time, the BMW iX electric SUV has a 5G network connection. It enables fast communication, wireless software updates, and enough computing power for autonomous driving, as it can process data 20 times faster and twice as much data from vehicle sensors as previous models. 

The new iDrive operating system will be introduced for the first time on the BMW iX electric SUV.

The iDrive package includes the BMW Operating System, a new generation of monitors, controls and software, as well as efficient connections and data processing. It is designed for use with voice control and the BMW Curved Display, which combines a 12.3-inch information display and a 14.9-inch control display into a single unit.

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