Renault has doubled the e-mobility bonus for its Zoe model from 3,300 euros to 6,600 euros in Austria. Under certain circumstances, lease payments of EUR 76 per month are possible for Zoe in Austria.

The nationwide e-mobility funding that customers of an electric car receive under certain conditions consists of 1,500 euros from the government and 1,800 euros from importers. In addition to this support, Renault Austria has been granting a further € 3,300 special discount on the Zoe since March 1.

The e-mobility bonus in Austria is limited until the end of this year. The application must be made within 24 weeks of registration of the car. BEV and FCEV are funded with the full and PHEV with half the rate. There are also even fewer grants for e-motorcycles and e-mopeds.

If you also claim 0% green leasing, the new Renault ZOE can be leased from 76 euros per month plus battery rental.

The Renault ZOE has been sold more than 190,000 times worldwide since its market launch in 2013 and is also the best-selling electric car in Austria with around 5,500 vehicles. The new ZOE is becoming more attractive than ever.

e-mobility bonus - Requirements:

- Registration of purchase intent on online platform (possible until December 31, 2020);

- Registration of the electric car within 24 weeks

- Proof of 100% green electricity

The importer's share is paid by the manufacturer + legal text on account

“With the doubling of the state e-mobility bonus, we want to further facilitate access to electric cars in Austria. Aside from the range, the price is the biggest stumbling block when buying an electric car. With this strong measure, we can accommodate those interested even more than before. And the new Renault ZOE scores with a range of up to 395 km in the WLTP test cycle also when it comes to everyday suitability if you consider that on average between 35 and 45 km are covered by car per day, ”says Olivier Wittmann, Country Operations Director of Renault Austria.

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