Volkswagen's new and improved ID3 will be shown to the world for the first time at the start of 2023, but the prices and order forms are already ready. The Volkswagen ID3 has a better interior and a better digital user interface and it starts at $47,211.

So far, we've only seen sketches of the new Volkswagen ID3, and the world premiere of the finished car will only happen in a few more months. When the veil is removed, we will see a Volkswagen ID3 with a new look and features. Volkswagen has improved the materials inside the car based on what customers said, and the car's digital user interface has been made better with a bigger 12-inch touch screen and easier-to-use controls.

The Volkswagen ID3 electric car comes with the latest version of Volkswagen's software, with features like Plug & Charge and intelligent e-route planning in the navigation system. These features make charging the new ID3 easy and straightforward. The Volkswagen ID3 comes with the most up-to-date generation of help systems, such as Travel Assist with swarm data and Park Assist Plus with a memory function, depending on the equipment package.

Volkswagen has started selling the new Volkswagen ID3, which comes in four well-equipped packages: Life, Business, Style, and Tour. All four equipment versions have a standard 204-hp electric motor that drives the back wheels. The Life, Business, and Style models come with a 58 kWh battery that gives a WLTP range of up to 426 km. The top model Tour has a 77 kWh battery with a WLTP range of up to 546 km.

The new Volkswagen ID3 starts at $47,211 for the Life version, which is well-equipped and has Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, App-Connect, wireless smartphone charging, Navigation Discover Max with 12 "The car has a touchscreen, 18-inch aluminum wheels, and a heated multifunction steering wheel.

The 204 hp electric motor gives it a sporty feel, and it only takes 7.3 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. The 58 kWh battery can charge up to 11 kW at maximum AC and 120 kW at maximum DC. It takes 35 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80% power.

The Volkswagen ID3 Business, which starts at $50,072, has the same electric drivetrain and good performance. The Business version costs $2,861 more than the Life version, but it has more advanced and efficient IQ Light-Matrix-LED headlights and LED combination rear lights that now go all the way to the back of the tailgate and have dynamic side indicators. With features like keyless entry, Park Assist, and a reversing camera, the ID3 Business makes parking the car easy and convenient.

The Volkswagen ID3 Style, which starts at $54,368, is a comfortable car for people who know what they want. It has Dynamic Chassis Control, which automatically adjusts the suspension after driving. The driver can also choose from four driving profile settings in the infotainment system, each with a different suspension characteristic. The ergoActive front seats are electrically adjustable and have a memory function for maximum comfort. The augmented reality head-up display projects driving information onto the windscreen in the driver's line of sight, so they can keep their eyes on the road ahead.

If you drive a lot, the top model Volkswagen ID3 Tour starts at $60,092. It has a long range and good charging capacity, so you don't have to stop as often on long trips to charge it. The 2023 Volkswagen ID3 Tour has a range of up to 546 km WLTP from its 77 kWh battery. The charging capacity has gone from 135 kW to 170 kW, meaning it takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80% power.

The Volkswagen ID3 Tour has beautiful 20-inch Sanya alloy wheels, and it has helper systems like Area View and Park Assist Plus with memory functions that allow it to take over parking maneuvers and remember them for the next time you park in the same place. The ID3 Tour has a Lane Change Assistant and an Augmented-Reality Head-Up Display. The IQ LIGHT Matrix LED headlights and ergoActive front seats can be changed electronically.

The Volkswagen ID3 can be ordered now, but it will be shown to the public in the first quarter of 2023.

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