An old, run-down car can be difficult to unload. If you would rather not sink any more money into it and already have another car your driving, then that old vehicle may be sitting on your property for a long time. When you are ready to bite the bullet and reclaim that parking space, here are some ways to get it off the lawn without paying someone to remove it.

Recycle It

There are materials and parts in old cars that are still valuable. Most people don't have the time or knowledge to take a car apart, but some businesses will happily take this task off your hands. Look for a scrap metal recycling company Byram Township NJ in your area. In most cases, they will pick up your car and pay you for any valuable materials they can extract from it.

Donate It

Many charities like Goodwill and Wheels for Wishes take old cars for their transportation needs or to sell them for extra money. If you have a favorite local charity, call them up and ask if they have any use for a car. These donations are usually tax-deductible and are guaranteed to make you feel good about your decision.

Trade It In

You may be asking if it is worth it to trade in an old car. The best way to determine this is by looking up the Kelly Bluebook value. This is a standard guide that many professionals in the industry use. If you want to trade your car in, then the condition will be a key factor. Cars that don't run at all may not be worth the trip to the dealership.

Most people trade in their cars, especially if it is paid off. Trading your car back to a dealership means you are not responsible for any surprise repairs that surface. This is a distinct advantage over selling the car yourself.