The BMW i7 is not just another electric car. It's a mobile art installation that will showcase the beauty and creativity of electric mobility in Stockholm, Sweden. The i7 is one of four BMW models that have been transformed into art cars by Swedish artists. The project, called BMW Art Drive, aims to celebrate the city's culture and sustainability, as well as the launch of BMW's new electric and hybrid models.

The i7 was designed by Johanna Burai, a Stockholm-based artist and illustrator who is known for her colorful and geometric style. She said she wanted to create a car that reflects her vision of the future, where electric vehicles are more than just transportation.

"I wanted to make a playful and optimistic car that shows how electric cars can be fun and exciting," she said. "I also wanted to use colors and shapes that contrast with the urban environment, to make the car stand out and bring joy to the people who see it."

Burai used LED lights and reflective materials to create a dynamic and interactive design that changes depending on the angle and the light. She said she was inspired by the BMW i Vision Circular, a concept car that showcases BMW's vision of a circular economy, where materials are reused and recycled.

"The BMW i Vision Circular is a beautiful example of how design can be sustainable and innovative at the same time," she said. "I wanted to echo that idea in my art car by using lights and reflections that create different effects without adding more materials."

The BMW i7 will be joined by three other art cars: a BMW i3 designed by Andreas Wannerstedt, a BMW iX designed by Erik Åberg, and a 5 Series plug-in hybrid designed by Malin Bobeck. The cars will be displayed at various locations in Stockholm from October 28 to November 14 and will also drive around the city as part of a mobile exhibition.

The BMW Art Drive project is part of BMW's commitment to support art and culture in Sweden, as well as to promoting electric mobility and sustainability. The company said it hopes the art cars will inspire people to embrace the future of driving.


"BMW has a long history of collaborating with artists and creating art cars, dating back to 1975," said Ulf Rönneberg, CEO of BMW Group Sweden. "With the BMW Art Drive, we want to continue this tradition and celebrate the launch of our new electric and hybrid models, which represent our vision of mobility for the future. We hope that the art cars will spark curiosity and dialogue about electric mobility and show how it can be both sustainable and emotional."

The BMW i7 is expected to be released as the flagship model of BMW's electric lineup. It will be based on the 7 Series sedan but with a fully electric powertrain that will offer impressive performance and range. The i7 will also feature advanced technology and luxury features, such as a curved display, a panoramic glass roof, and a self-driving system.

The BMW i7 will compete with other high-end electric sedans, such as the Tesla Model S, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, and the Lucid Air. However, with its unique art car design, the i7 will have an edge over its rivals in terms of style and creativity.

The BMW Art Drive is a rare opportunity to see the i7 in action before its official launch, as well as to enjoy some stunning artworks by Swedish artists. If you're in Stockholm, don't miss this chance to witness the electric art car that will light up the city's streets.

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