The sale of electric cars continues to grow in Spain. Specifically, during the month of May, it grew 180% if we compare it with the same period last year. A figure that, according to all experts, will continue to increase since in 2021.

In Spain, we already find a wide range of electric vehicles, although not all of them with an affordable price. Therefore, we detail below the electric cars you can buy in our country for less than 30,000 euros:

Citroën C-Zero: from 19,500 euros

The French brand proposes this urban vehicle at a very affordable price. Its maximum speed is 130 km / h and its autonomy is around 150 km. It has a battery guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 km, which supplies the energy needed to power the engine, as well as the air conditioning and the heating system.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive from 23,302 euros

An electric vehicle designed for large cities. It has a maximum power of 81 HP and reaches a maximum speed of 130 km / h. Its range is around 101 km.

Citroën e-Méhari from 26,000 euros

This Citroën SUV has a power of 68 hp and a range of 200 km. In addition, this electric car reaches a maximum speed of 110 km / h.

RENAULT Zoe Entry Flexi from 22.125 euros

A 5-door electric vehicle that has a maximum power of 88 hp. Its maximum speed is 135 km / h and its real autonomy reaches 270 km.

Peugeot iOn from 26.190 euros

With zero emissions and zero CO2 emissions in the rolling phase, this very astute little electric vehicle is very respectful with the environment. It has a power of 67 HP, Its maximum speed is 130 km / h, its range is 140km.

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