Honda has reached a collaboration agreement with General Motors for the joint development of two new electric cars. These new vehicles will make use of the GM platform.

Honda and General Motors have established an important collaboration agreement related to electric mobility. The Japanese manufacturer has decided to turn to the North American giant to give a boost to its offensive of electric vehicles. Honda has announced the development of two new electric cars that will make use of General Motors technology. 

These two new electric Honda cars will make use of the new General Motors platform dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles. A global and flexible architecture that was recently introduced. This platform will also be used by the new electric companies that GM will introduce over the coming months. The Cadillac Lyriq will be the first model.

Honda has stressed that both the exterior and interior design of these two electric cars will be its responsibility. Rick Schostek, Executive Vice President, Honda America commented on this:

"This expanded partnership will unlock economies of scale to accelerate our electrification roadmap and advance our industry-leading efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,"

Also, Doug Parks, GM executive vice president, said:

"This agreement builds on our proven relationship with Honda and further validates the technical advancements and capabilities of our Ultium batteries and our all-new EV platform."

On the other hand, and equally important, as part of this agreement, Honda will incorporate General Motors' OnStar Safety & Security services into its two new electric vehicles, which will be integrated with the HondaLink system. Additionally, Honda plans to equip them with a long list of advanced driving assistance systems signed by GM itself.

These new electric models will be produced in North America at General Motors factories. Sales are expected to begin in the United States and Canada by 2024.

The truth is that GM and Honda have an important history of collaboration in the field of electrification. They worked together on the development of fuel cells and on the Cruise Origin, an autonomous electric car. In 2018 Honda joined GM's battery module development efforts.

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