Opel has also been selling the Mokka in an electric version for a few months. Opel was hoping for even greater success with the Opel Mokka-e than with their small electric car, Opel Corsa-e. And in fact, the interest was so great that the model was initially sold out in just ten weeks after the start of orders. Now, even some of these orders are apparently being cancelled.

The Opel Mokka-e has been available for order since last September and delivery is scheduled to start in the first quarter of the new year. Despite high expectations, Opel was surprised by way too many orders for the Mokka-e compact crossover. According to corporate and dealers rumours, the demand for the Opel Mocha-e was so great that the production capacities for the entire year 2021 have already been exhausted.

Since Opel cannot deliver many vehicles, for the time being, they would now have to terminate contracts that have already been arranged with hundreds of customers. In a letter to a Mokka-e buyer, Opel said that his order had to be cancelled due to the current overbooking and new delivery date is currently not foreseeable.

Opel admitted that some "variants of the Mokka-e are already sold out" for the current year, at least until September 2021. Some variants of the electric car and the Opel Mokka with gasoline and diesel drives can still be ordered.

The new Opel Mokka-e electric car is produced in a PSA plant in France. The model shares technology with the sister brands Peugeot, Citroën and DS Automobiles. The Handelsblatt newspaper estimates that the production capacities for the electric cars from Opel are in the higher four-digit range per year.

The fact that the Mokka-e sells much better than Opel expected is also due to the electric car environmental bonus, which was increased last year. The subsidy financed by the German government and industry is now up to 9,000 euros. More than that, the new Mokka-e electric car with 100 kW (134 hp) and a range of 324 kilometres according to WLTP was recently available from 23,420 euros instead of 32,990 euros.

According to the damage control report, Opel is offering to complaining Mokka-e buyers an alternative, for example, the Opel Corsa-e with the best equipment at discount prices. However, many customers are annoyed and don't want to wait longer for the Mokka-e or to switch to another electric car from Opel.

Just to be clear, the Mokka-e electric car is sold out in Germany.

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