Renault, through Seine Alliance (a company that is the result of the union between the Renault Group and Green Vision) has presented the Black Swan: a 100% electric boat powered by the energy of used batteries.

The Black Swan is a hundred percent electric propulsion boat with a length of 8.8 meters that will be used for recreational cruises on the Seine. As reported by the company, the Black Swan can transport eight people and has the autonomy to make two-hour tours.

This one hundred percent electric boat moves thanks to two 10 kW motors (with 20 kW peaks) that operate completely independently and are powered by four batteries.

The four batteries are lithium-ion come from Renault electric cars that have been reconditioned. They are placed under the side benches of the rear area and tucked into stainless steel compartments that guarantee their tightness.

Another of its outstanding characteristics is its weight. The four recycled batteries weigh 278 kilos, less than the fuel tank used by the combustion version of this same boat. The estimated time for a full recharge is 2-3 hours.

Demonstrations for the press will take place in the first quarter of 2020, at the same time as the Black Swan comes into service (once the necessary government permits have been obtained).  

This is also when Seine Alliance will begin to refit a new analog boat, before continuing with other boats to reach the target of a 100% electric fleet by 2024.

The Black Swan is the precursor of a new generation of boats, setting the bar for creativity, carbon neutrality and functionality, without compromising on elegance.

We are proud of having contributed to the Black Swan project alongside Seine Alliance and Green-Vision. Once again, this approach has shown that, used in a second life as energy storage units, the batteries from our electric vehicles represent an essential lever for the acceleration of the energy transition, says Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President, Electric Vehicle at Groupe Renault.

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