As part of the environmental bonus, the government will give less money to people who buy electric cars after January 1, 2023Plug-in hybrids will no longer get any money at all. Starting in January, the government will give only 4,500 euros instead of 6,000 euros to help promote fully electric and fuel cell vehicles with a net list price of up to 40,000 euros. It is only 3,000 euros instead of 5,000 euros, even though the net list price is between 40,000 and 65,000 euros. As a net discount, the 2250 euros from the manufacturers participating add up.

Subsidies are only given to people who lease vehicles for a year. After September 1, 2023, only private people will be able to get the environmental bonus.

The CO2 tax on fuel will go up.

As part of the CO2 tax, prices for gasoline and diesel will go up on January 1, 2024, instead of January 1, 2023. So, the cost of emitting a ton of carbon dioxide will stay at 30 euros next year. From the beginning of 2024, the price will go up to 35 euros, which is about 1.5 cents more per liter of gasoline or diesel.

Change your license for the next few years.

The exchange of German driver's licenses is still going on. In 2023, those born between 1959 and 1964 will have their turn. No one needs to go to the office if they already have a driver's license with an EU check card issued after January 19, 2013.

The GHG cap is lower.

Through the greenhouse gas reduction quota, owners of electric cars can get a bonus of several hundred euros per year starting in 2022. This will still be true in 2023, but the rates will be lower. This year, GHG quotas could be worth more than 400 euros, but in 2023, they will probably be 50 to 100 euros less, depending on the provider.

Two medical masks must be in the first-aid kit.

From February 2023 on, new first-aid kits must have two medical face masks. The lawmaker talks about "medical masks" in a transparent way. But experts say to use the versions with FFP2 protection because they are much safer. The ADAC says that when you buy a new first aid kit, you should pay attention to the new "DIN 13164 February 2022."

"First-aid kits with the versions of DIN 13164 that were valid in January 1998 and January 2014 can still be used. You don't have to get new ones. Also, you don't need to add two masks," the ADAC says.

Autonomous driving on highways at speeds of up to 130 km/h

In 2023, the maximum speed on a highway will go from 60 km/h to 130 km/h, up from 60 km/h now. Then, automated systems will also be able to change lanes.

Car insurance will cost more for many people.

The ADAC says that car insurance costs will go up for about one in five drivers in 2023. The auto club says that based on the current numbers for motor vehicle liability insurance, the type classes will get more expensive for 8.1 million car owners and less costly for 4.8 million. The 2023 type class will not change for 29.3 million.

A pink sticker means a general check.

If your car has a pink TÜV sticker, you must take it to the primary inspection in 2023. You will have to pay a fine if you miss the time on the plaque. If you miss the TÜV deadline by more than eight months in Flensburg, you will get the point and have to pay a fine of 60 euros.

Switzerland: Digital vignette and fines that are enforced

The e-vignette is set to be used for the first time in 2023. It won't replace the old sticker but will add to it. It costs 40 Swiss francs. After the new year, Swiss fines should also be able to be paid in Germany. A deal is on the way, but no date has been set yet.

Austria: Fees are going up

In 2023, Austria's tolls will go up more than they usually do. The annual vignette for a car will cost EUR 96.40 in the coming year, which is EUR 2.60 more than before. Travelers must pay 29 euros (+80 cents) for two months. A "sticker" for ten days costs 9.90 euros (+30 cents).

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