Despite the situation in the automotive sector in Europe due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, sales of electric cars have been able to overcome the general decline in the market in March 2020.

In March 2020, sales of electric cars in Europe reached 50,100 units, which compared to the same period of the previous year represents an increase of 23%. Electric car models like the Tesla Model 3, Renault ZOE and Volkswagen e-Golf dominate the electrical market.


Between the of January and March 2020, electric car sales registered a total of 127,800 registrations, 57% more than in the first quarter of the previous year. Therefore the decline of the European market has not had a very negative effect on electric car registrations.

#1 Tesla Model 3 - with 15,443 electric cars

#2 Renault Zoe - with 4,298 electric cars

#3 Volkswagen e-Golf - with 3,434 electric cars

#4 Audi e-tron - with 3,373 electric cars

#5 Nissan Leaf - with 2,800 electric cars delivered last month.

#6 Hyundai Kona Electric - with 1,782 electric cars

#7 BMW i3 - with 1,766 electric cars

#8 Kia e-Niro - with  1,649 electric cars

#9 Volkswagen e-up! - with 1,452 electric cars

#10 MINI Cooper SE - with 1,403 electric units

The Tesla Model 3 has got a clear victory. It was by far the best-selling electric in March. In second place is the Renault ZOE with a more than adequate result. And closing the podium, in third place, we have the Volkswagen e-Golf.

We must also make a proper mention to the Audi e-tron (4th) that has been able to beat the Nissan Leaf (5th).

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