Christine and Jens Finderup Vigsted of Ringsted purchased a Ford Mustang Mach-E in the fall, and just seven months later, Christine gave birth to the couple's second child in the back seat. On the way to the midwife, little brother abruptly decided he needed to get out. That left us with no choice but to push his seat as far back as it would go and feed him from the passenger seat.

Ford customers praise the Mustang Mach-E's long range, responsive handling, and attractive styling as reasons to buy the all-electric vehicle. Thankfully, very few customers use it for what it was intended: a delivery.

"Along with range, price, and appearance, we gave significant weight to the fact that the Mustang Mach-E was more fun to drive than some of the other electric cars we'd tested. Our second child was born in the car, the last place we expected him to enter the world."

A baby has been born in a Ford that runs solely on electricity for the first time. The news reached Ford's global headquarters in record time and was discussed at length in the executive suite.

"To be perfectly honest, when we test the limits of our vehicles, we push them to the extreme. Our standard procedures do not include the delivery of a child in the passenger seat. Ford treats its customers like family, and that sentiment holds especially true here. " Jim Farley, CEO and President of Ford Motor Company, extends his warmest congratulations to the entire family.

When Christine started having contractions one night in early June, she and her husband Jens decided to take it easy. The labor pains for their first child, Thomas, lasted for two days, so they knew there was no need to worry as long as they stopped hurting.

The pain grew worse overnight and into the morning, then subsided rapidly. They took charge of the older sibling's babysitter and headed to the private maternity clinic, where they were associated with a midwife.

"My husband had the good sense to suggest that we take my Mustang Mach-E electric car because it had leather seats and a powerful battery. After the fact, we have a good chuckle about it," says Christine.

The couple realized they wouldn't make it to the midwife in time after the water broke just a few minutes into the half-hour drive. Sitting in the passenger seat, Christine directed the driver to pull over. While Jens called for an ambulance and played midwife, the passenger seat was folded down, and the midwife was called using Apple CarPlay. Christine gave birth to the couple's second child, David, shortly before the ambulance arrived.

"The actual birthing process while in the car went smoothly. Even though it was an unexpected event in my electric car, it was a wonderful experience. We might have handled it differently if it had been our first child. " Christine, in particular, has lauded her husband for keeping his cool.

Now that baby David is a month old, his birth story in the car has been said to many people, but it never fails to leave an impression. The foursome is confident that the unusual birth will not be forgotten any time soon.

"I think David will also find it amusing, and he can tell the story to his own kids someday. That he was born in a car that could be described as "boy ass" is hilarious, but only because it's necessary, "Christine says.

Ford is overjoyed to hear that the delivery was a success. Ford's automobiles are renowned for adapting to a wide variety of uses; one such use is a makeshift delivery room; however, this is a rare exception. @via

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