Originally scheduled at the Geneva Motor Show, the official launch of the new Fiat 500e "La Prima" took place this week. The third generation of the iconic city car, it is only equipped with an electric motor whose autonomy exceeds 300 kilometres. With a connected on-board computer, it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Taking advantage of the environmental trend and European legislation which already announces the end of thermal engines, the Fiat 500e is only available this time in electric. A choice that seems relatively logical since this segment lends itself relatively well to this type of engine, as shown to us by the Peugeot e-104 or the Twingo ZE by Renault.

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The Fiat 500e has an all-electric motor with a capacity of 42 kWh. The power developed by the latter reaches 87 kW ( the equivalent of 118 horsepower ).

The maximum speed is 150 km / h and its range would be 320 km. Which is higher than the average for electric vehicles in this category. The Lithium-ion battery is compatible with fast charging, accepting a power of 85 kilowatts. Fiat announces that 35 minutes are enough to recharge the battery to 80% and that it would be enough 5 minutes to offer the Fiat 500e fifty kilometres of autonomy.  The Combo 2 socket, located on the right rear side of the vehicle, allows recharging in both alternating and direct current.

The release edition of the new Fiat 500e includes the Easy Wallbox, a home recharge system that can be connected to a normal outlet. It has been developed by ENGIE EPS exclusively for FCA and Mopar will market it in Europe to match the launch of the model. It is a simple and affordable plug-and-charge solution, which can be easily controlled via Bluetooth, without the need for specialized personnel, allowing the 500 to be recharged immediately at home with a charging power of up to 3 kW, stabilizing the energy load. In addition, the Easy Wallbox ™ is ready to upgrade the power to 7.4 kW, providing a full recharge at home in just over 6 hours. The model also comes with a mode 3 cable for recharges of up to 11 kW in the public network.

On the equipment side, the Fiat 500e has an on-board computer UConnect 5, with a large touch screen of 10.25 inches. The system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay to connect your smartphone to it. Thanks to an iOS and Android application, the driver has several pieces of information about the car, including the remaining battery life.

The new Fiat 500e will make your daily journeys much smoother. First, the car will be able to recognize the traffic signs and suggest the speed to adopt on this specific stretch of road, also it will recognize the lines of the road and will keep you autonomously in the centre of the lane. The intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (iACC) system brakes or accelerates in response to anything: cars, cyclists, pedestrians.

The Fiat 500e "la Prima" will ensure that you do not fall asleep at the wheel. The system can detect the first signs of fatigue by controlling the lateral movements of the vehicle, advising the driver to take a break. A visual and audible signal will be emitted by the instrument cluster.

In the event of a serious accident causing the airbags to be triggered, an automatic emergency call will be sent directly from the dedicated on-board system "la Prima" to the single European emergency number, "112". An SOS button will also be easily available in front of the interior mirror, to quickly receive assistance when needed. via fiat.co.uk.

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