A unique initiative enables artists and collectors to exchange works of art for a Polestar 1. The initiative is a collaboration between the Swedish carmaker Polestar and the leading international art consultant Theodor Dalenson.

Artists and art collectors can now pay for a Polestar 1 with works of art. Swedish carmaker Polestar is known for breaking new ground in the auto industry. The brand is now introducing an additional option to purchase Polestar's hybrid vehicle before it ends production later this year. Interested parties can exchange works of art for a Polestar 1 (155,000 euros).

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said: "I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of ​​paying for Polestar 1 with works of art. It's a very special car and we wanted to find a unique way to celebrate it before we started production. It is handmade, valuable and emotional - just like a work of art."

Polestar's initiative takes place amid an art boom that is creating new avenues in the art trade.

“Historically, many significant art transactions have taken place outside of what we associate with the art market today,” said Theodor Dalenson, a leading private art consultant who is helping Polestar on this initiative. “For several hundred years the art trade has mainly been between artists and sponsors. Painters like Picasso were known to trade sketches for restaurant meals. The Polestar initiative is basically a natural extension of the tradition that art is used as a means of payment for valuable goods. "

Theodor Dalenson has been a benefactor in the art world and has served on the board of directors of institutions such as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Perez Miami Art Museum, the Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, the Aspen Art Museum, and Americans for the Arts.

Polestar will take into account all forms of art, paintings, sculptures, as well as photography, installations and much more. Bids are reviewed by Dalenson and, if deemed necessary, receive an estimate of their value from the two largest auction houses Sotheby's, Christie's and Philips. Polestar intends to sell the art again after a certain period of time, either through the auction houses mentioned above or through the dealers who represent the artists.

The unique campaign starts on June 10, 2021, and runs until August 15, 2021.

In April 2021, a special edition of the Polestar 1 was presented at the Shanghai Auto Show, which is characterized by a special matt gold exterior finish with matching brake callipers and black wheels. A maximum of 25 copies will be made, a handful of which are reserved for this campaign. @via polestar.

The Polestar 1 is a handmade electric hybrid manufactured in Polestar's state of the art factory in Chengdu. The fantastic factory was designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta and is the only car factory in China that has received a Gold LEED rating. Towards the end of the year, the production of the car will end, leaving an exclusive legacy.

The electric hybrid has a lightweight body made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, two rear electric motors with real torque vectors and high-efficiency components such as Akebono brakes and adjustable Öhlins dampers.

The Polestar 1 has a combined power output of 609 hp, torque of 1000 Nm and electric range of 124 km (WLTP).

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