From July, consumers in Europe will be able to purchase the 2022 Mazda MX-30, which is an improved version of the automaker's first fully electric car. The updated Mazda MX-30 has received upgrades to its charging performance and the operation of its power supply and received new color options for the exterior and inside, respectively.

The 2022 Mazda MX-30 is more user-friendly due to changes to its technology. For example, the electric car now enables charging at a 3-phase onboard charger of 11.2 kW. In addition, the fast charger (DC) also gets an improved maximum power from 40 kW to 50kW.

Mazda has also improved the engine's sound, which is intended to provide the driver with feedback on the amount of torque delivered as the vehicle is accelerating. In addition, the sound has been modified so that it now has a more harmonic quality and is better able to mix in with the other sounds that are generally present in the passenger compartment while the vehicle is in motion.

In addition to the interior themes already available, Modern confidence (white) and Industrial Vintage (brown), the new Mazda MX-30 will also be offered with Urban expression, a brand-new and fashionable interior theme that is entirely black. Furthermore, the new interior, which is entirely black, is given some life with denim textile accents in denim green and gray, a console made of dark brown cork, and dark brown textile around the doorknobs.

Jet Black and Mazda's new Zircon Sand are the two new multi-tone paint choices that have been introduced.

Zircon Sand is a natural beige hue inspired by zircon sand that may be found in nature. This color was chosen to highlight Mazda's tradition in manufacturing molds. It will be possible to purchase the paint in conjunction with the brand-new all-black interior. The second new two-tone paint job comes in jet black for the body and top, silver for the pillars, and all black for the inside. In addition, to provide a more athletic appearance, the multi-tone lacquer known as Soul Red Crystal may now be used with ceilings and side panels that are entirely black.

The updated Mazda MX-30 electric car price will begin from 41,000 euros, and the starting price for private leasing will start at an attractive 238 euros/month.

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