The Toyota Proace City Electric is now available, completing the Japanese car manufacturer's range of light commercial vehicles. This emission-free version uses a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor with 260 Nm of torque for immediate delivery. The electric van is powered by a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery and weighs 340 kg, which allows it to travel up to 280 km on a single charge. Moreover, when power runs out, thanks to the 11kW onboard charger, the battery can be fully charged in about 50 minutes on a fast-charging station and 5 to 7.5 hours on a wall charger.

With all its advantages and maintenance, deciding on this electric version of the Toyota Proace City does not mean giving up functionality since it provides the same load volume as the rest of the variants in the range. Therefore, enjoy a cargo area that can vary from 3.3 to 4.3 cubic meters of space, where you can transport between 750 kg (L2 long body) or 800 kg (L1 medium body) of cargo. Furthermore, the towing capacity reaches in any case 750 kg.

In this way, the Toyota Proace City Electric is available in two body sizes (Medium and Long) and two configurations (Van and Combi). At the same time, for private customers, Toyota Proace City Verso Electric is also marketed in two body sizes (Medium and Long), but with a single configuration (Family). The Toyota Proace City Electric Van and the Toyota Proace City Electric Combi variants can be chosen with GX or VX finish, while the Toyota Proace City Electric Family version is available with an Active or Advance finish. Depending on the size of the body and the configuration, the number of seats ranges from 2 to 7.

As far as the passenger compartment is concerned, the Toyota Proace City Electric is hardly distinguishable from the combustion engine versions. We only find a specific instrument panel different and with information on EV consumption, percentage of battery use and estimated autonomy, and the absence of a gear lever, which the e-toggle selector replaces with the different positions of operation (P, R, N, D and B) and driving modes (Power, Normal and Eco).

The Toyota Proace City Electric range is available from 25,100 euros for companies, while individuals can purchase this model from 39,000 euros. In addition, thanks to government incentives, companies can access aid of up to 5,000 euros and individuals of up to 7,000 euros.

The launch of the Proace City Electric is accompanied by developments in the rest of Toyota's light commercial range. The Toyota Proace City Combi and Toyota Proace City Family models have a new 1.5D diesel engine (130 hp) associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the 1.2G gasoline engine (130 hp). One of the significant advantages of the new 1.5D diesel engine compared to the 1.2G is the delivery of torque, since, at equal power (130 hp), it gives 70 Nm more torque: 300 Nm at 1,650 - 2,200 rpm compared to 230 Nm at 1,600 - 2,400 Nm. The new 1.5D diesel engine (130 hp) with an eight-speed automatic gearbox is associated with the VX finish in the Proace City Combi and the Active and Advance equipment levels in the Proace City Verso Family.

As in Toyota Proace City Electric, the classic range is made up of two body options (Medium and Long (L2)) and three configurations, and two focused on professional customers (Van and Combi) and one for private customers (Verso Family). Depending on the size of the body and the configuration, the number of seats ranges from 2 to 7. The available classic engines are all 1.5D diesel, with 110 or 130 hp, except for the 110 hp 1.2P petrol available in Proace City Verso.

Toyota allows expanding the alternatives of the vehicle to adapt to any business. For example, the Toyota Proace City van can be transformed into refrigerated/isothermal vehicles, workshop models, couriers, and medical transport.

The Toyota Proace City Electric van is available for 25,100 euros in Spain. The Toyota Proace City Electric offers 136 hp and a range of 280 km. @via

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