New to the market is a lightweight and powerful electric bike from Invicta Electric that can travel up to 50 kilometers on a single charge. The rising cost of gasoline has stoked interest in e-bikes. If you're in the market for one, the latest Invicta Electric Troky is an excellent choice for commuting in the city during the week and weekend explorations of all kinds of terrain. This 'made in Spain' electric bike features an eye-catching design that goes all-in on black and merges the advantages of urban bikes and mountain bikes to provide a significant range of motion.

Because of its lightweight - just 22 kilograms - the Invicta Electric Troky e-bike stands out from other bikes in its category. This model stands out from the competition thanks to its ergonomic saddle and relaxed driving stance. Additionally, the 26-inch wheels and mixed tires provide excellent handling and stability.

The new Invicta Electric e-bike features high-quality components, including Zoom's front and rear disc brakes and a 6-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain.

The new Troky's mechanics include a rear hub motor with a maximum output of 180 watts and a battery with a capacity of 360 watt-hours, allowing for a maximum range of 50 kilometers. The battery may be removed and charged at any location with access to a standard wall socket, including the bicycle itself. Please note that a full charge of the battery will take 3 to 4 hours.

To start the new Invicta Electric Troky electric bike, you need to press the On/Off button on the control panel to the handlebar's left. You can activate the headlights, check the battery life, and choose between the three levels of motor help (Low, Medium, and High) from the same control panel.

Using the motor's Low setting will allow you to get up to 40% of its full power. Selecting Med mode will cause the electric motor to produce up to 70% of its maximum power. Lastly, the motor's maximum power is available when the High assistance option is engaged. However, an additional feature on the handlebars allows you to pedal independently of the bike's electric motor.

The new Invicta Electric Troky electric bicycle retails for 1,495 euros and is available in major cities at specialty shops and authorized dealers. @via Invicta Electric.

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