If you are looking for a speed pedelec that combines design, functionality, and safety, you might want to check out the Stromer ST5 Pinion. This is the latest model from the Swiss company Stromer, which specializes in high-end electric bikes. The ST5 Pinion is not only a powerful and agile bike but also a smart and innovative one. It features a fully frame-integrated ABS system by Blubrake, a Pinion Smart.Shift electronic shifting system, a Stromer sound module, and a long mudguard for comfortable and dry rides. In this article, we will review the main features and benefits of the Stromer ST5 Pinion and compare it with the previous version of the ST5 with chain drive.

ABS system by Blubrake

One of the most distinctive features of the Stromer ST5 Pinion is the anti-lock braking system by Blubrake, which won the prestigious 2021 iF Design Award. This is the first-speed pedelec with a fully frame-integrated ABS system, which means that the components are hidden inside the frame and do not affect the bike's aesthetics. The ABS system consists of three main elements:

  • A sensor that measures the wheel speed and detects any locking tendency.
  • A control unit that processes the data and activates the ABS intervention when needed.
  • A hydraulic actuator that modulates the brake pressure and prevents the wheel from locking.

The ABS system by Blubrake offers several advantages for the rider, such as:

  • Increased safety during difficult braking maneuvers, especially on slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • Improved stability and control of the bike, avoiding skidding and falls.
  • Reduced braking distance and wear of the brake pads and tires.
  • Enhanced riding comfort and confidence, thanks to the smooth and progressive braking action.

The ABS system by Blubrake is compatible with the powerful and precise TRP four-piston brakes that the ST5 Pinion is equipped with. The brake activation is finely tuned to the motor output, ensuring optimal braking performance in any situation.

Pinion Smart.Shift technology

Another innovative feature of the Stromer ST5 Pinion is the Pinion Smart.Shift electronic shifting system, which replaces the traditional chain drive and derailleur. The Pinion Smart.Shift is a 9-speed gearbox integrated into the bike's bottom bracket, making it more robust and durable. The gearbox is connected to a low-maintenance carbon belt from Gates, which offers a smooth and silent riding experience. The Pinion Smart.Shift technology has several benefits for the rider, such as:

  • Fast, precise and seamless shifting while riding or stopping, thanks to the electronic control and the automatic synchronization of the gears.
  • Wide gear range and optimal gear ratio, allowing the rider to adapt to different terrains and speeds.
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning, as the gearbox and the belt are protected from dirt and water.
  • Increased efficiency and performance, as the gearbox and the belt have lower friction and weight than the chain and the derailleur.

The Pinion Smart.Shift technology is compatible with the powerful rear-wheel motor that the ST5 Pinion has. The motor delivers a maximum output of 850 W and a torque of 48 Nm, providing a strong and consistent acceleration. The motor also has a Sport mode, which can be activated by the rider to unleash the bike's full potential.

Stromer sound module

A unique feature of the Stromer ST5 Pinion is the Stromer sound module, which provides acoustic feedback for various events and enriches the overall user experience. The Stromer sound module consists of a speaker integrated into the frame and a smartphone app allowing the rider to customize the sounds. The Stromer sound module can produce different sounds for different situations, such as:

  • Start-up sound when the bike is turned on.
  • Shifting sound when the gears are changed.
  • Warning sound when the bike is in anti-theft mode or low battery.
  • Notification sounds when the bike is connected to the smartphone or when a message is received.

The Stromer sound module offers several advantages for the rider, such as:

  • Increased awareness and communication with other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Enhanced enjoyment and personalization of the riding experience, thanks to the variety and quality of the sounds.
  • Improved security and convenience, thanks to the audible alerts and reminders.

The Stromer sound module is compatible with the Stromer OMNI app, which connects the bike to the smartphone and offers various functions, such as:

  • GPS localization and tracking of the bike.
  • Anti-theft mode with motor locking and notification by text message or email.
  • Remote control of the bike settings and functions.
  • Riding data and statistics.

Long mudguard

A practical feature of the Stromer ST5 Pinion is the long mudguard, which protects the rider’s feet from water and dirt. The long mudguard is made of a robust and recyclable carbon-reinforced polyamide (PA) that is ‘Made in Germany’ using an innovative injection molding process. This technology has a CO2 footprint that is 50 % lower than raw material production for a mudguard made of aluminum. The long mudguard has adapters that enable the choice between two mudguard lengths, depending on the rider’s preference and the weather conditions.

The long mudguard is compatible with the Pirelli Cycl-e tires that the ST5 Pinion has. These tires are specially developed for Stromer and offer high grip, comfort, and durability. The tires have a large volume and a wide contact area, which improve the road-holding and the stability of the bike. The tires also have a reinforced structure and a puncture-resistant layer, which increase their resistance and longevity.


The Stromer ST5 Pinion is a speed pedelec that sets new standards in design, functionality, and safety. It is equipped with a fully frame-integrated ABS system by Blubrake, a Pinion Smart.Shift electronic shifting system, a Stromer sound module, and a long mudguard. These features make the ST5 Pinion a smart, innovative and comfortable bike, that offers a powerful and agile riding experience. The ST5 Pinion is available in sizes M, L and XL, and in two colors: Matte Red (launch color) and Aventurini Green. The price of the ST5 Pinion is $11,999. If you are interested in this bike, you can configure it online or test ride it at a Stromer dealer near you. 

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