The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 is aimed at anyone who wants to drive an e-scooter. The high payload (100kg) in particular invites taller people to hop on the two-wheeled electric vehicle. The 600 watts electric motor in combination with a 474 watt-hour battery brings the driver to a top speed of 20 km / h for a total of 45 kilometres. All you have to do is roll gently and the motor will switch on.  And since the scooter is approved for the road-use, commuters should also be very happy.

The most important information you need to drive effectively is shown on the LED display on the steering fork. This provides information about the speed, battery level, lighting status and distance travelled. And speaking of lighting: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 has a bright 1.1-watt front light with a range of up to 6 meters.


With the Mi Home app, you can connect your smartphone to your Mi Scooter Pro 2. This allows you to protect your e-scooter from theft by locking the motor and activating an alarm signal.

It has a double braking system. The rear wheel is equipped with a large perforated disc, while the front wheel is equipped with an E-ABS (electronic anti-lock braking system) regenerative system.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 118 X 43 X 113cm

Weight: 14 Kg

Battery: 474Wh / 12800mAh

Full Charge Time: 8-9 Hours

Wheel Size: non-slip and shock-absorbing 8.5-inch tires

Autonomy: 45 Km

Protection: IP54 (dust, splashes, dirt).

Price: 429 euros.

Pro Tip:

You need to register the scooter in the Mi Home app on your phone. If you do not do this, the speed is limited to 10 km / h.

I have tested different scooters and read into the subject very carefully. In my opinion, there is no better electric scooter in terms of price-performance ratio.

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