Volkswagen will show off its first all-electric sedan based on the MEB electric car platform at the CES in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. The new Volkswagen ID7 has ingenious camouflage that creates light effects on parts of the car with its unique technology and multi-layer paintwork. This is an interactive feature that shows the next step in the process of digitizing the future flagship model of the ID family.

"With the new Volkswagen ID7, we are adding electric models for the upper segments. The sedan will have the best quality and technology on the market. The ID7 is one of ten new electric models we plan to sell by 2026." Thomas Schafer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, says their goal is to give customers suitable electric cars in each market segment.

Volkswagen ID7 is a new way to experience climate and comfort. Volkswagen's latest model, based on MEB, is a response to customer feedback and an improvement in some ways for the user. A wide range of innovations are standard in the ID7 electric sedan:

  • A new display concept
  • A head-up display with augmented reality (AR)
  • A 15-inch (38-centimeter) screen with new controls for the air conditioning integrated into the infotainment system
  • Illuminated touch controls

The new air conditioning design with innovative air intake can do many different things. Volkswagen ID7 can, for example, use the driver's key to tell when the driver is getting close and start cooling or heating the passenger compartment before the driver gets in the car on hot or cold days. "Smart Air Vents," which are new, control airflow and move around to spread it as quickly as possible over large areas.

If there are people in the car, the air can be sent directly to the body or used to cool the passenger compartment indirectly. These functions are always shown on the new big screen, and users can turn them on and save their settings. Voice commands can be used to make special requests. If the user says, "Hey Volkswagen, my hands are cold," the Volkswagen ID7 will start the heating function for the steering wheel. At the same time, warm air is sent to the hands.

Volkswagen shows off how smart the ID7 electric sedan is at CES in Las Vegas. The camouflaged sedan model is digitally designed and has a unique paint job that lights up the Volkswagen ID7 in a way you can control. There are now 40 layers of paint, some of which are conductive and some of which are insulating. Twenty-two areas on the car can be controlled separately and light up because they are wired under the top layer of paint. This is called electroluminescence. If all of this is hooked up to a sound system, different areas can be lit to show the rhythm.

The QR codes on the hood and both sides connect the real world to the digital world. The full camouflage goes further with the QR code theme by hiding the outlines.

The Volkswagen ID7 electric sedan is designed the same way as the rest of the all-electric ID family. This sedan is known for its aerodynamic front and roof, which both help save energy and increase range.

The air intakes are in the front of the electric car, and the air that flows through them moves in a targeted way along the sides of the car to the back. So, they make a "curtain" of air that slows the airflow on the car's sides. The ID7 electric car has an excellent drag coefficient because the roof slopes backward. The range can go up to about 700 km (WLTP).

The Volkswagen ID7 is based on the Volkswagen Group's MEB platform, just like all the other models in the ID family. The advantages of the modular platform include short overhangs, a long wheelbase (2.97 meters), and a large interior. This has led to the ID7, a luxury sedan that feels especially roomy inside.

Volkswagen adds the ID7 to its successful ID family. The ID7 is a high-volume model in the upper middle class. Volkswagen's investment in electric cars goes to a new level with the ACCELERATE strategy, and the first goal has already been met.

After the Volkswagen ID3Volkswagen ID4Volkswagen ID5Volkswagen ID6, and the new Volkswagen ID Buzzthe Volkswagen ID7 is the sixth ID family member. It is Volkswagen's second global electric car after the ID4, which was only sold in Europe. The main markets where the electric sedan will be sold are China, Europe, and North America. Volkswagen's plant in Emden, Germany, will produce the Volkswagen ID7, the second MEB model after the Volkswagen ID.4.

2023: Update 1:

See here the Volkswagen ID.7.

and here a preview of the Volkswagen ID.7 GTX.

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