The Italian startup XEV has created a tiny, low-cost electric vehicle designed specifically for city driving: XEV Yoyo. The first copies of the Yoyo model is presently manufactured in Shanghai, China, and large-scale manufacturing will begin near Beijing later this year.

The XEV Yoyo has a unique characteristic: many components used by this electric car are built via 3D printing. The inside comfortably accommodates two tall persons. The interior is simple, with circular forms and plastic surfaces. Customers should be able to have certain parts of the body and interior, such as the broad door panels, explicitly designed due to this. The basic interior has enough for two individuals. The vehicle's information is shown on a monitor in the middle of the dashboard. The standard setup is a traditional screen, while the higher configuration has a touchscreen. A smartphone holder is connected to the side of it. The trunk has a capacity of 180 liters and can fit three standing trolleys next to each other, according to XEV.

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The Yoyo is powered by three series-connected lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are accessed through a separate tailgate. The batteries have a combined capacity of 10.3 kilowatt-hours. Each battery block may be removed individually, and a strap is attached to the surface for easy carriage of the energy storage device, which weighs around 24 kilos. XEV intends to put up its own charging equipment where empty batteries may be exchanged for fresh ones in order to charge the batteries. When the driver is not present, XEV also provides a service for manual battery change. Charging the battery by plug is feasible through the house connection or at a fast-charging station.

The XEV Yoyo electric city car features: ABS, disc brakes, air conditioning, LED headlights, two loudspeakers, three USB ports, electric windows, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, and a panoramic roof. The XEV Yoyo measures 2530 millimeters long, 1500 millimeters wide, and 1560 millimeters in height.

The Yoyo's electric motor has a constant output of 7.5 kilowatts (10 hp) and a peak power of up to 15 kilowatts (20 hp) for a short period of time. This small electric car has a range of up to 150 kilometers according to the WLTP specification, and the top speed is 80 km/h.

The XEV Yoyo electric car will be available in October, with pricing starting at 13,000 euros.

The Yoyo weighs only 450 kilograms without batteries due to a large amount of plastic used in the body; the maximum payload is 400 kilograms.

Conclusion: The XEV Yoyo is a well-designed and reasonably priced electric city car. The concept of the three-part removable battery in the trunk greatly expands charging options, which is especially beneficial for typical city-center residents. @via XEV.

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