MAN presented in its facilities in Madrid its new 100% electric MAN eTGE van. With a range close to 173 kilometers and a payload of approximately one ton, the 100% electric van is especially for urban distribution.

The company begins today to accept orders of the vehicle, deliveries will have to wait until January 2020.

According to the statistics, 70% of the light industrial vehicles used in the urban area travel on average less than 100 kilometers per day and in this route the average speed they reach is low. If we add to this the large number of starts and stops that are made in the dense traffic by city, this profile of requirements describes almost perfectly the ideal scope of electric vehicles. For this reason, the company launches MAN eTGE for this segment.

MAN eTGE van has a load volume of almost 11 cubic meters. This capacity covers around two-thirds of all journeys per city that are currently carried out with internal combustion engine vehicles.

MAN eTGE can be charged in an AC Wallbox of 7.2 kilowatts in about five and a half hours. It is also possible to quickly charge from zero to 80% in 45 minutes if you have a DC charging station.

With proper maintenance, a 36 kWh battery only loses 15% of its capacity after approximately 2,000 charging cycles. In addition, each of the modules composed of six or twelve cells can be replaced separately. The 264 high-voltage lithium-ion cells are arranged under the slightly raised load floor, which is constructed in the same way as in the rear-wheel-drive and diesel engine body version. Therefore, the excuse that batteries eat a lot of space is no longer valid.

The MAN eTGE uses a permanent-drive synchronous motor. The three-phase motor is mounted directly on the tractioned front axle in combination with a one-speed gearbox. 

The MAN eTGE electric van is not subject to entry restrictions due to possible prohibitions to diesel vehicles and, in addition, it allows for early, late and night deliveries in urban areas because it operates silently and without engine noise. The absence of internal combustion also has another effect in terms of maintenance technique. The eTGE has a significantly smaller number of mobile components, so some typical maintenance work is suppressed, such as changing oil and filters.

MAN eTGE costs around €69,500.

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