The Dacia Spring is a small, affordable, and practical electric car that has been making waves in Europe since its launch in 2021. It is widely regarded as the most accessible and best value-for-money electric car on the continent, with a starting price of just $14,900. But what makes the Spring so appealing, and how does it compare to other electric cars in its segment? In this article, we will analyze the features, performance, design, and customer feedback of the new Dacia Spring and see why it is a game-changer for the electric car industry.

Features and Performance of the New Dacia Spring

The new Dacia Spring is powered by a 65 hp electric motor that delivers a top speed of 105 km/h (65 mph) and a range of 230 km (143 miles) on the WLTP mixed cycle. The battery capacity is 26.8 kWh, and it can be recharged in five hours using a 7.4 kW wallbox, or in 8.5 hours using a standard 2.3 kW domestic socket. The Spring also supports DC fast charging up to 30 kW, which can replenish 80% of the battery in less than an hour.

The Spring is equipped with several features that make it convenient and comfortable for everyday use, such as:

  • A 10-inch multimedia central screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility
  • A 7-inch digital dashboard that can be customized to show different information
  • A rearview camera and parking sensors for easy maneuvering
  • A hill start assist and emergency brake assist for safety
  • A remote control app that allows the driver to check the battery level, start the pre-conditioning, and locate the car
  • A three driving modes selector that adjusts the power and regenerative braking according to the driver’s preference
  • A four airbags system and ABS and ESP for protection

The Spring also offers the best loading capacity in its segment, with a boot volume of 300 liters (10.6 cubic feet) that can be expanded to 600 liters (21.2 cubic feet) by folding the rear seats. The Spring can accommodate up to four adults comfortably, thanks to its 2.42-meter (7.9 feet) wheelbase and 1.58-meter (5.2 feet) width.

Design and Style of the New Dacia Spring

The 2024 Dacia Spring features a brand-new exterior and interior design that makes it more appealing than ever. The Spring adopts the new Dacia identity, with two black bands at the front and rear frame the Y-shaped light signature. The Spring also has a highly sculpted bonnet and a raised ground clearance of 15 cm (5.9 inches), giving it a robust and modern look.

The interior of the Spring has been completely overhauled with a simple and elegant layout. The Spring has a two-tone dashboard with a chrome strip that matches the steering wheel and the air vents. The Spring also has a blue fabric on the seats and the door panels that contrast with the black plastic of the rest of the cabin. The Spring has a minimalist and ergonomic center console that houses the gear selector, the electric parking brake, and the driving modes switch.

The Spring is available in four colors: Glacier White, Slate Grey, Fire Red, and Spring Blue. The Spring also has two trim levels: Comfort and Comfort Plus. The Comfort Plus adds roof bars, 15-inch alloy wheels, electrically adjustable mirrors, and air conditioning to the standard Comfort features.

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Customer Feedback and Reviews of the New Dacia Spring

The new Dacia Spring has received positive feedback and reviews from customers and experts alike. The Spring has been praised for its affordability, practicality, efficiency, and simplicity. The Spring electric car has also been recognized for its environmental performance, as it received a five-star rating from the Green NCAP in 2022, an independent organization that evaluates the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of vehicles.

Some of the testimonials and awards that the Spring has received are:

  • “The Dacia Spring is a great car for city driving. It is easy to park, cheap to run, and fun to drive. I love the design and the features, especially the multimedia screen and the remote control app. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go electric without breaking the bank.” - Laura, a Spring owner from France.
  • “The Dacia Spring is a game-changer for the electric car market. It offers a lot of value for money, with a decent range, a spacious interior, and a modern design. It is also very efficient and eco-friendly, as it consumes very little energy and emits zero emissions. It is a perfect example of how Dacia redefines the essentials.” - James, an automotive journalist from the UK
  • “The Dacia Spring is the winner of the 2023 Car of the Year award in Romania. It is a remarkable achievement for Dacia, as it is the first electric car to win this prestigious award. The Spring impressed the jury with its accessibility, versatility, and innovation. It is a car that meets the needs and expectations of a wide range of customers, and that contributes to the transition to a more sustainable mobility.” - Maria, a member of the Car of the Year jury in Romania.

Comparison of the New Dacia Spring with Other Electric Cars

The 2024 Dacia Spring is not the only electric car in its segment, as there are other models that compete for the same customers. However, the Spring stands out from the crowd with its unmatched price, generous space, and simple operation. Here is a comparison table that shows how the Spring compares to some of its rivals:

Model Price Range Power Boot Volume
Dacia Spring $14,900 230 km (143 miles) 65 hp 300 liters (10.6 cubic feet)
Renault Twingo Electric $18,000 190 km (118 miles) 82 hp 219 liters (7.7 cubic feet)
Fiat 500 Electric $22,000 320 km (199 miles) 95 hp 185 liters (6.5 cubic feet)
Volkswagen e-up! $24,000 260 km (162 miles) 83 hp 250 liters (8.8 cubic feet)

As you can see, the Spring is the cheapest and the most spacious electric car in its category while also offering a competitive range and power. The Spring is also the easiest to use, as it has a single-speed transmission and a simple dashboard. The Spring is therefore the best choice for customers who want a no-frills and affordable electric car.


The new Dacia Spring is a revolutionary electric car that offers a unique value proposition to the market. It is the most accessible and best value-for-money electric car in Europe, with a low price, a long-range, a large space, and a simple design. It is also a responsible and sustainable car, as it has a high efficiency, a low carbon footprint, and a five-star rating from the Green NCAP.

The 2024 Dacia Spring is an electric car that redefines the essentials of electric mobility and satisfies the needs and exceeds the expectations of a wide customer base. The Spring is a car that shakes up the electric car market and that makes history for Dacia.

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