The Fiat 500 is an iconic car that has been synonymous with Italian style and charm for over six decades. Now, the Fiat brand is bringing its electric version, the Fiat 500e, to the North American market, offering a fun, sustainable, and affordable option for drivers who want to enjoy the dolce vita (sweet life) on the road.

What is the Fiat 500e?

The Fiat 500e is the all-electric variant of the Fiat 500, the compact and cute car that was first launched in 1957 and has since become a global phenomenon. The Fiat 500e was first introduced in 2013 as a limited edition for the California and Oregon markets, where it received positive reviews and awards for its performance, design, and efficiency.

The Fiat 500e is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 199 km (124 miles) on a single charge and can be recharged in less than four hours using a Level 2 charger. The Fiat 500e also features a regenerative braking system that helps to recapture energy and extend the battery life.

The Fiat 500e delivers a spirited driving experience with a torque of 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) and a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph). The Fiat 500e also comes with a Sport mode that enhances the acceleration and handling of the car. The Fiat 500e is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen that displays the navigation, infotainment, and battery status of the car, as well as a smartphone app that allows the driver to monitor and control the car remotely.

What are the benefits of the Fiat 500e?

The Fiat 500e offers many benefits for drivers who want to switch to an electric car. Some of the benefits are:

  • Environmental: The Fiat 500e is a zero-emission vehicle that helps to reduce the carbon footprint and pollution caused by gasoline cars. The Fiat 500e also uses recycled materials and eco-friendly paints in its interior and exterior design, making it a green car in every sense.
  • Economic: The Fiat 500e is a cost-effective car that helps to save money on fuel, maintenance, and taxes. The Fiat 500e has a low operating cost of about $0.04 per mile, compared to $0.15 per mile for a gasoline car. The Fiat 500e also requires less maintenance than a gasoline car, as it has fewer moving parts and no oil changes. The Fiat 500e also qualifies for federal tax credits of up to $7,500, as well as state and local incentives that vary by region.
  • Emotional: The Fiat 500e is a fun and stylish car that brings joy and personality to the driving experience. The Fiat 500e has a distinctive and retro look that stands out from the crowd, as well as a customizable and colorful interior that suits the driver’s taste. The Fiat 500e also offers a smooth and quiet ride that relaxes and comforts the driver and the passengers.

How does the Fiat 500e compare to other electric cars?

The Fiat 500e is not the only electric car available in the North American market, but it has some unique features and advantages that make it a competitive and attractive choice. Here is a comparison table that shows how the Fiat 500e stacks up against some of its rivals:

Model Price Range Battery Charging Power Torque Top Speed Features
Fiat 500e $24,995 199 km (124 miles) 42 kWh 4 hours (Level 2) 87 kW (117 hp) 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) 150 km/h (93 mph) LED headlights, heated seats, rear parking sensors, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, Fiat Connect Services
Mini Cooper SE $29,900 177 km (110 miles) 32.6 kWh 3.5 hours (Level 2) 135 kW (181 hp) 270 Nm (199 lb-ft) 150 km/h (93 mph) LED headlights, heated seats, rearview camera, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, Mini Connected Services
Nissan Leaf $31,670 240 km (149 miles) 40 kWh 7.5 hours (Level 2) 110 kW (147 hp) 320 Nm (236 lb-ft) 144 km/h (89 mph) LED headlights, heated seats, rearview camera, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, ProPilot Assist, NissanConnect Services
Chevrolet Bolt $36,500 417 km (259 miles) 66 kWh 7 hours (Level 2) 150 kW (200 hp) 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) 146 km/h (91 mph) LED headlights, heated seats, rearview camera, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, OnStar Services

As the table shows, the Fiat 500e has the lowest price, the fastest charging time, and the most features among the four models. The Fiat 500e also has a comparable range, power, and top speed to the other models, while offering a more stylish and customizable design. The Fiat 500e is the best value for money among the four models.

How to get the Fiat 500e?

The Fiat 500e is available for purchase or lease in the United States and Canada, starting from $24,995 in the US and $34,495 in Canada. The Fiat 500e comes in two trim levels: the base and the Prima Edizione. The base trim offers a choice of six exterior colors and three interior colors, as well as standard features such as LED headlights, heated seats, rear parking sensors, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The Prima Edizione trim offers a limited edition of 500 units with a unique exterior color (Celestial Blue), a premium interior (black leather with blue accents), and exclusive features such as wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, and Fiat Connect Services.

The Fiat 500e can be ordered online through the Fiat E-Shop, where the customer can select the preferred trim, color, and options, as well as apply for financing and trade-in. The Fiat 500e can also be reserved online with a refundable deposit of $500 and then picked up at a local dealer when it is ready.

The Fiat 500e is a great option for drivers who want to embrace the electric revolution without compromising on style, fun, and value. The Fiat 500e is the electric car that brings La Dolce Vita to America.

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