Polestar has launched a new concept vehicle that reimagines the sports car roadster for the electric era. Polestar O2, a hardtop convertible, embodies Polestar's concept of performance and an exhilarating driving experience - all while incorporating the advantages of electric mobility.

"Polestar O2 is our brand's 'hero vehicle,'" stated Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. "It demonstrates the breadth of our potential and the scope of what we can create and produce with our staff's expertise and technology. Not only does it look beautiful, but the ability to drop the top silently ensures an excellent driving experience."

"Polestar O2 is our idea of a new era for sports vehicles," says Maximilian Missoni, Polestar's Head of Design. By fusing the excitement of driving with the top down with the convenience of electromobility, he generates new feelings. However, like with all our automobiles, this one is about more than blazing down the straight. The genuine pleasure begins after you concede."

Polestar O2 provides a dynamic, light, and confident driving experience. Predictability and a sense of fun are essential components of enjoyable, enthusiastic driving. Tight body control, increased stiffness, and intuitive dynamics are intrinsic features of the unique aluminum platform inherited from the Polestar 5 and developed in the UK by the Polestar Research and Development team.

The aluminum platform's superior quality and stiffness offer a more dynamic response. The narrow roll angle and high roll damping result in robust driving characteristics and a direct, quick steering feel with a powerful build-up of steering torque.

The Polestar O2's design is inspired by the Polestar Precept concept car, yet it has its personality. It demonstrates how Polestar's dynamic design language can be altered to accommodate various body types while maintaining a solid familial connection. The low and broad body with a confident stance, the compact 2+2 interior design, the short overhangs, and the long-wheelbase evoke the proportions of a classic sports car, but with a decidedly modern, electrified character.

"This car combines technology with art, accuracy, design, with a determined but not aggressive attitude," adds Maximilian Missoni.

Aerodynamics have been optimized to maximize range through concealed design elements such as integrated ducting and low-turbulence airflow over the wheels and body sides. In addition, the airflow is channeled behind the car by the backlights, which lowers turbulence.

Polestar O2 is also a forward-thinking company regarding sustainability and technology. The inside is characterized by a novel thermoplastic mono-material that spans a large area. The phrase "mono-material" refers to the process of fabricating several components from a single base material.

All soft interior parts of the Polestar O2 are entirely made of recycled polyester, including foam, glue, and fleece lamination. This simplifies recycling and contributes significantly to circularity while lowering weight and waste.

Polestar's sustainability teams believe in recycling materials and avoiding downcycling. They have included a novel way for managing recycled content and enhancing the recyclability of metal components into the Polestar O2. The chassis is constructed entirely of various grades of aluminum to ensure an exhilarating driving experience.

The various materials are labeled to facilitate recycling and to maintain their qualities. Aluminum of superior quality and other grades retain its unique features, resulting in increased material efficiency and a decreased demand for new aluminum.

The Polestar O2 incorporates an autonomous video drone in an increasingly social media-driven society beneath the back seats. The prototype drone was developed in collaboration with Aerofugia's consumer electronics company Hoco Flow. The drone may be utilized while driving to capture the ideal driving sequence.

Polestar engineers created a unique wing that rises behind the rear seats, producing a negative pressure region that enables the drone to take flight while moving. The drone operates independently and follows the automobile at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. The driver may choose between an ambient sequence or a more action-packed series with a sportier attitude. After filming, the drone may autonomously return to the automobile. While the vehicle is parked, video footage may be edited and shared instantly through the 15-inch central display.

"We wanted to convey the feeling of driving a car like the Polestar O2 in a novel and unexpected way," Maximilian Missoni says. "By using an autonomous film drone, we could push the envelope of creativity. Furthermore, the fact that we do not need to stop and unload the drone before recording, but may utilize it at high speeds, is a significant benefit of this novel design."

Polestar O2 builds on the solid foundation established by the Polestar Precept concept vehicle, which served as a vision for the company's design, technology, and environmental goals. Polestar intends to introduce three new cars over the following three years, beginning in 2022, each capable of gradually realizing some of the concepts offered in these concept vehicles.

Polestar Performance AB and/or its subsidiaries and Polestar Automotive Holdings UK Limited do not commit to updating these forward-looking statements.

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