Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) completed the delivery of five all-electric propulsion systems for ferries operated by Norwegian transport company Fjord1.

These e-ferries each have a capacity for 50 cars and are used at four different ferry crossings along the west coast of Norway. NES has now equipped 19 electric and hybrid ferries in Norway with its propulsion systems.

It took a total of 2.5 years from the signing of the contract to the handover of all five electric ferries. NES announces that its DC charging system (Quadro Master) can also be used on other ships that would be connected to DC voltage.

“The success criteria for these projects is the world-leading competence and experience we have gained through several similar projects over the last 4 years”, says Jan Kåre and mentions Tor-Harald Njåstad and Kjetil Ripe which both works as project engineers in NES.

“They have both been key persons together with the rest of the technical team through the project”.

NES project manager Jan Kåre Sundgot said “With these ferries, NES now has 19 fully electric or hybrid electric ferries operating in Norway”.

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