BMW announces the BMW i7, the world's first 100% electric luxury sedan - a modern version of the BMW 7 Series and a fresh interpretation of style and elegance from the very top of the luxury car market. A few weeks before the international premiere, some particulars were revealed.

Continuing its spread of new all-electric vehicles into new sectors, the BMW Group is expanding its all-electric lineup. By 2023, the German corporation intends to have electric cars in more than 90 percent of the various categories. This year, the BMW i3, BMW iX3, BMW i4, and BMW iX will be joined by the BMW iX1 and the BMW i7, bringing the total number of electric vehicles to nine. With a range of more than 600 km as the world's first fully-electric luxury sedan, it brings cutting-edge driving enjoyment to the road.

The BMW i7 electric car is built on the same platform as other planned model versions of BMW's next-generation 7 Series. Because of this, customers can be confident that their BMW i7 will provide the same distinctive blend of sporty and comfort-oriented driving qualities as their current BMW sedan and the exceptional spaciousness that they have come to expect from a deluxe BMW sedan. A total of more than 600 electric horsepower will be produced by the BMW i7, which will be the most powerful model version in the new 7-Series. A total power consumption range of 18.9 kWh - 19.7 kWh is expected from the prototypes that have been tested across the world over the last year, and an electric range of 580-610 kilometers is predicted (WLTP).

The BMW i7 has an entirely new interpretation of the iconic style of the two-round headlamps and kidney grille that distinguishes the BMW brand. In addition to the iconic grille, which has a bright shape, the top components of the headlights are constructed of distinctive crystal glass, which adds to their unique design characteristics.

The unique user experience and the latest iteration of the iDrive operating system are the main points of emphasis on the inside. In addition, an entirely new form of light and function strip on the instrument panel and doors and the BMW Curved Display (which is already familiar with the BMW i4 and BMW iX) gives the driver an entirely new driving experience - both aesthetically and physically.

The rear seats of the new BMW i7 electric car provide superb comfort while also setting new norms in terms of entertainment technology. It is possible to enjoy an ultra-wide 31-inch screen with a 32: 9 panoramic format and 8K quality using the BMW Theater Screen, which can be folded down from the roof. It converts the back seats into an exclusive, private movie theater, where passengers may, for example, select their particular preferences from a variety of various streaming services without having to leave their seats.

The world premiere of the fully-new BMW i7 electric car will take place in April. This summer, retailers will be able to accept orders.

Other premium and all-electric vehicles are available in the same size and sector, and BMW is well aware of this. However, there is one thing that none of them have: the traditional sedan design that the BMW i7 has.

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