With the new geofencing technology, the new Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid, you use the gasoline engine as a range extender when you need it, and automatically run on clean electricity when local emissions requirements dictate. This is a very practical and environmentally friendly solution, both for those who depend on vans with a certain range and authorities who want to fight the growing problem of pollution in European cities.

Geofencing is a virtual boundary defined by GPS technology. When the new rechargeable hybrid van passes such a limit, it will automatically switch to the electric engine propulsion. The mileage and time spent in the low-emission zone are stored as encrypted data and can be shared with local authorities to show that the car was run on clean electricity.

A large number of European cities have already introduced low-emission zones. These help improve air quality by preventing the most polluting cars from driving there.

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A large test project with 20 Transit Custom rechargeable hybrids - carried out in London, showed that as much as 75% of the mileage was on clean electricity.

The new Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid is the first rechargeable hybrid in the 1-tonne van segment. The Transit PHEV is powered by a 92.9 kW electric motor and a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery is charged in less than 4.5 hours with a regular home charger and in less than 3 hours using a public charging station.

Ford's award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol engine works exclusively as a range extender. It charges the battery on those trips where charging from the mains and regeneration of braking energy do not provide sufficient range.

The new Ford Transit Custom has become an even nicer car that is more comfortable, convenient and packed with smart features and technologies than the previous generation.

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