Nissan has recently unveiled the Hyper Tourer Concept, a futuristic electric minivan that aims to redefine the premium mobility experience. The concept, which will make its physical debut at the Japan Mobility Show starting October 25, combines the essence of Japanese hospitality with advanced technologies, including autonomous drivingV2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) connectivity, and AI mood sensing.

The Hyper Tourer Concept is designed for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy the company of friends and associates, whether on a road trip or a business outing. The concept showcases Nissan’s vision of how premium mobility will evolve in the electric era and hints at the brand’s next generation of design language.

Exterior: Smooth and Sharp

The exterior of the Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept conveys a sense of comfort and sophistication, with smooth body panels and sharp character lines that demonstrate traditional Japanese beauty. The sides flow diagonally from the front to the rear fender for higher aerodynamic performance and a smooth drive. The white waistline is a headlight and signature lamp, while the Kumiko-patterned wheels and the soft, straight body line create a premium feel beyond the concept’s class.

The concept also features twin sliding doors that give easy access to the spacious interior, made possible by the Nissan EV Technology Vision. This innovative platform consolidates compact components and high-energy density all-solid-state batteries to create a low center of gravity and a large cabin space.

Interior: Relaxing and Interactive

The interior of the Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept is designed to create a relaxing space where digital and nature are fused. The overhead console and lighting feature traditional Japanese kumiko and koushi patterns that create a sense of luxury. At the same time, the flat LED panel on the floor displays imagery of a riverbed and the sky. The concept also has four individual chairs that can swivel 360 degrees, allowing front- and rear-seat passengers to have face-to-face discussions when the car is autonomously driving.

The concept also boasts an innovative AI system that can monitor the biometric signs of the occupants, including brain waves, heart rate, breathing, and perspiration. The system can automatically select complementary music and adjust the lighting to fit their mood. Rear-seat passengers can also use a wearable display to view and operate the navigation and audio on the front-seat center display, creating a sense of unity among all occupants.

Technology: Autonomous and Connected

The Hyper Tourer Concept is equipped with various advanced technologies that enhance premium mobility's safety, convenience, and sustainability. The concept features fully autonomous driving technology that allows the driver to focus on interacting with their travel companions or enjoying the scenery. The concept also has V2X functionality, enabling it to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, and devices. This allows the concept to optimize its route, avoid traffic jams, and share information with other road users.

The concept also has a high-capacity battery that can supply electricity to homes, stores, and offices while traveling or on various business occasions. This feature demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to creating a circular economy that reduces carbon emissions and promotes renewable energy sources.

Conclusion: A New Vision for Premium Mobility

The Hyper Tourer Concept is Nissan's latest attempt to showcase its vision for premium mobility in the electric era. The concept combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with futuristic technologies to create a comfortable, interactive, sustainable mobility experience. The concept also hints at Nissan’s next generation of design language that will likely influence its future models.

The Hyper Tourer Concept will be one of four electric vehicle concepts that Nissan will display at the Japan Mobility Show, along with the Hyper Urban Concept, the Hyper Punk Concept, and the Hyper Sport Concept. These concepts will demonstrate Nissan’s diverse and innovative approach to electric mobility that caters to different customer needs and preferences.

Nissan hopes that its Hyper Tourer Concept will inspire consumers and industry players alike to embrace the new realities of premium mobility that are shaped by electrification, digitalization, autonomy, and connectivity. @via Japan Mobility Show.

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