Honda unveiled two new electric vehicle (EV) ideas at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of its new global Honda 0 Series, which will be available in 2026. The two concepts, Honda Saloon, and Honda Space-Hub, highlight Honda's fresh approach to electrification, design, and engineering and its new H mark logo, which will only be used on next-generation EV cars.

Honda 0 Series: A new EV series for the global market

The Honda 0 Series is a new EV series that Honda will launch globally beginning in 2026, with the first model based on the Saloon concept debuting in North America, followed by Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa the Middle East, and South America. The series name emphasizes Honda's ambition to produce wholly new EVs from "zero," returning to the automaker's roots and pursuing its key values of "joy and freedom of mobility" and "joy of driving."

According to Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda, the Honda 0 Series will offer five core values to customers:

  • Artistic design that evokes resonance
  • AD/ADAS ensures safety and peace of mind
  • A “space” for people made possible by the internet of things and connected technologies
  • The joy of driving with the feeling of oneness with the vehicle
  • Outstanding electricity efficiency performance

The Honda 0 Series will also contribute to Honda’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality for all its products and corporate activities by 2050, as part of its electrification policy of increasing the ratio of EV and FCEV sales to 100% globally by 2040.

Saloon and Space-Hub: Two EV concepts with a futuristic design

The two EV concepts that Honda unveiled at CES 2024 are the Saloon and the Space-Hub, which represent the flagship and the minivan models of the Honda 0 Series, respectively. Both models were developed using a new Honda electrification design and engineering approach that emphasizes thin, light, and wise as the foundation for the new EV series.

Saloon: The flagship EV concept with a sporty and spacious interior

The Honda Saloon is the Honda 0 Series' flagship EV concept, and it will serve as the foundation for the first production vehicle, which will be available in North America by 2026. The Saloon's exterior is low and broad, with a sleek and aerodynamic appearance, while the interior is surprisingly roomy, maximizing passenger space and comfort. Sustainable materials are used on both the exterior and interior to lessen the vehicle's environmental impact.

The Saloon also includes a human-machine interface (HMI) that allows for simple and intuitive functions, as well as a sporty driving posture that provides outstanding sight and a sense of oneness with the car. Furthermore, the Saloon features breakthroughs in innovative steer-by-wire and motion control management systems, which harness Honda's robotics experience to deliver posture control that supports the driver in a variety of driving scenarios and increases the fun of driving in the EV era.

Space-Hub: The minivan EV concept with a versatile and connected interior

The Space-Hub is the Honda 0 Series' minivan EV concept, with a modular and connected interior that can fit a variety of passenger lifestyles and needs. The Space-Hub has a big, flat floor that allows for varied seating arrangements, cargo space, and a panoramic glass roof that generates a sense of openness and space. The interior also includes the internet of things and connected technology to provide a "space" for individuals to engage in a variety of activities and experiences, including entertainment, work, and relaxation.

The Honda Space-Hub also has an HMI that allows for easy and smooth communication and interaction between passengers and a comfortable driving position with a clear view of the road and surroundings. Furthermore, the Space-Hub highlights Honda's latest AD/ADAS technologies, which assure driver and passenger safety and peace of mind, and Honda's exceptional power efficiency performance, allowing for a long driving range and quick charging.

H mark: A new logo for the next-generation EVs

Honda also debuted a new H mark logo that will be used exclusively for Honda's next-generation EV models, starting with the Honda 0 Series. The new logo is a simplified and modernized version of the original Honda logo, which reflects Honda’s commitment to the next-generation EVs and its vision of creating new value from zero. The new Honda logo also represents Honda’s innovative, reliable, and fun brand identity.

The new logo will be displayed on the front and rear of the Honda 0 Series models, as well as on the digital key and the smartphone app that will be used to access and operate the vehicles. The new logo will also be used for the Honda 0 Series.


Honda showcased two new EV concepts, the Saloon and the Space-Hub, at CES 2024, as part of its new global Honda 0 Series, which will be available in 2026. The two designs highlight Honda's fresh approach to electrification, design, and engineering, as well as its new H mark logo, which will only be used on next-generation EV cars. The Honda 0 Series will provide customers with five basic values: beautiful design, AD/ADAS, a "space" for people, the joy of driving, and exceptional electricity economy performance. The Honda 0 Series will also help Honda achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, as part of its electrification strategy to increase EV and FCEV sales to 100% globally by 2040. @via electrek.

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