Gear up for a ride like never before. Renowned German automaker Audi has partnered with Fantic Motor, an Italian off-road motorcycle specialist, to unveil its debut electric mountain bike (e-MTB), the Audi e-tron mountain bike. This exciting new addition to the Audi brand extends their commitment to sustainable mobility solutions beyond the pavement.

Pioneering Design Meets Decades of Off-Road Expertise

The Audi e-MTB is the culmination of Audi's progressive design language and Fantic's decades-long experience crafting high-performance off-road machines. The result? A sleek, powerful, and versatile e-MTB built to conquer diverse terrains.

Drawing inspiration from the Audi RS Q e-tron Dakar racer, the e-MTB boasts a lightweight frame constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy for optimal handling and agility on challenging trails. Riders can choose from three frame sizes (S, M, L) to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable riding posture, regardless of height.

Powering Up Adventure

A powerful electric motor delivers an impressive 90 Nm of torque, propelling riders up steep inclines and through challenging trails with ease. This translates to effortless acceleration and superior hill-climbing capabilities. A long-lasting battery with a range of up to 720 Wh ensures ample power for extended off-road adventures. Multiple riding modes can be conveniently selected through a user-friendly handlebar control unit, optimizing performance for different terrains and riding styles. Eco mode prioritizes battery efficiency for longer rides, while Trail mode and Boost mode provide progressively more power for tackling steeper inclines and technical terrain.

Commanding Control and User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly handlebar control unit allows riders to seamlessly switch between various riding modes, optimizing performance for different terrains and riding styles. An easy-to-read display provides essential ride data such as speed, battery level, and selected riding mode.

Sustainable Style: A Marriage of Performance and Design

The Audi e-MTB isn't just about power and performance. Its design reflects Audi's signature elegance, with clean lines and a sophisticated aesthetic that embodies the brand's forward-thinking approach. The frame is available in a stunning meteor grey finish, accented by black componentry and Audi e-tron branding. This creates a visually striking e-MTB that is sure to turn heads on the trail.

Beyond the Ride: Tailored Accessories for the Discerning Rider

While the Audi e-MTB is a masterpiece of engineering on its own, Audi, through their Genuine Accessories program, offers a variety of add-ons to personalize the riding experience further. From performance-enhancing components like upgraded suspension and wheels to protective gear such as helmets and body armor and storage solutions like racks and bags, riders can tailor their e-MTB to their specific needs and preferences.

The Audi e-MTB: A New Era of E-Mountain Biking

The Audi e-MTB marks a significant development in the e-MTB landscape. It combines the technological prowess of a renowned automaker with the off-road expertise of a specialist brand. This powerful and stylish e-MTB is poised to redefine the expectations of mountain bike enthusiasts, particularly those seeking an e-MTB that seamlessly blends high-performance capabilities with progressive design. With its impressive range, user-friendly features, and stunning aesthetics, the Audi e-MTB promises to elevate the e-mountain biking experience to a whole new level.

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