The Janobike X10 electric scooter has dual 1200W high-speed motors and a 23.4AH high-energy lithium battery that provides power for a top speed of 70 km/h, a gradeability of 45 degrees, and a range of 90 kilometers. It will make commuting, shopping, and traveling more convenient and efficient for you.

Its dual 1200W electric motors provide reliable and robust power, allowing it to climb streets angled at 45°.

The 52V, 23.4AH high-energy lithium battery provides a maximum cruising range of 90 kilometers and a top speed of 70 km/h.

The Janobike X10 electric scooter is excellent on a bumpy road, 10-inch off-road tires absorb shocks and provide comfort, so you'll never be worried about a hit.

The frame is made of a quality aluminum alloy that is powerful and durable, with a maximum load of 200kg/440lb. Extra-wide, heavy-duty panel with anti-slip design for enhanced stability, making it more dependable and safe.

Transport and storage are more accessible by the compact size and lightweight, portable, folding design.

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Technical Specifications of Janobike X10 electric scooter:

Aluminum alloy is the material of choice.

The color is black.

Off-road tires with a diameter of ten inches.

Maximum load: 200kg / 440lb

Maximum speed: 70km/h

Max. Gradeability: 45°

Autonomy: 90km

Damping: Front & Rear 

Lithium-Ion Battery: 23.4Ah

Motor: Brushless DC Motor

Motor Voltage: 52V

Motor Power: 1200W * 2

Charging Time: 8-9h

Brake: Dual Hydraulic Brake 

Waterproof Certification: IPX4

Electric Scooter Size: 130 * 60 * 49cm / 51.2 * 23.6 * 19.3inch (If you look at images, it will be easier to understand.)

Electric Scooter Weight: 39kg / 86lb 

Package Size: 132 * 55 * 31cm / 52 * 21.7 * 12.2inch

Package Weight: 41kg / 90.4lb

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