More than 10 years after having revolutionized mobility with the first gyropod, the Segway company is trying to put the first hydrogen hybrid motorcycle on the market under the name of APEX H2.

The new Segway APEX H2 hybrid motorcycle will be powered by hydrogen. Looking like a vehicle from an SF movie, the Apex H2 is an elegant motorcycle that has a minimalist windshield, a thin headlight and large wheels that seem to levitate.

Other notable details include the simplified body to make room for a compartment that stores interchangeable hydrogen tanks. The hydrogen is utilised to produce electricity for the electric motor. Segway puts the consumption at 1 gram of hydrogen per kilometre. A possible range is not mentioned, however.

Not many details are known about the propulsion, but the Segway company claims that the motorcycle will have around 60 kW / 82 hp. This will allow the Segway Apex H2 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds and have a top speed of 150 km / h

The hydrogen hybrid motorcycle could be launched in 2023. Segway even lists a starting price of 9,000 euros ($10,724) for the electric hydrogen hybrid motorcycle, which sounds spectacular.

However, it is a bit odd that Segway would use a hydrogen propulsion system, as it would add more weight to the motorcycle. It is also worth mentioning that hydrogen filling stations are quite rare.

The Segway company is mostly known for building electric bicycles with an unusual shapeSegway PT is the abbreviation for Segway Personal Transporter, which is the name of a special self-balancing electric bicycle, invented by the American engineer Dean Kamen. The Segway PT electric bicycle is produced by Segway Inc. from New Hampshire, USA.

The Segway brand is owned by the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi.

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