Mercedes-Benz Trucks has unveiled its latest innovation in the field of electric mobility: the eActros 600, a battery-electric long-haul truck that can travel up to 500 kilometers (310 miles) on a single charge. The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is the result of years of research and development, as well as extensive testing in real-world conditions. The truck is designed to meet the needs of customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs while maintaining high performance and reliability.

What makes the eActros 600 special?

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is not just a conventional truck with an electric powertrain. It is a completely new vehicle that incorporates several innovative features and technologies that set it apart from its competitors. Some of these features are:

  • A high-voltage battery system with a gross energy content of more than 600 kilowatt-hours, hence the model designation 600. The battery system consists of three modules, each weighing 1.5 tons, that are located between the axles. The battery system can be charged at up to 400 kilowatts using a CCS connector, allowing for a full charge in about 90 minutes.
  • A new electric drive axle with two electric motors and a four-speed gearbox. The drive axle is specially developed for heavy long-distance transport and can deliver up to 600 kilowatts of peak power and 400 kilowatts of continuous power. The four-speed gearbox allows for optimal efficiency and performance at different speeds and gradients.
  • A sophisticated thermal management system that ensures optimal temperature control for the battery, the electric motors, and the cabin. The system uses waste heat from the electric components to heat the cabin, reducing the need for additional energy consumption. The system also cools the battery and the motors when needed, using a liquid cooling circuit and a heat pump.
  • A futuristic design that reflects the electric nature of the truck. The eActros 600 has a distinctive front end with LED headlights and a large star emblem that lights up when the truck is switched on. The side skirts and rear bumper also have LED strips that indicate the state of charge of the battery. The cabin has a spacious and ergonomic interior, with a digital instrument cluster, a touchscreen infotainment system, and a multifunction steering wheel.

How does the eActros 600 compare to other electric trucks?

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is not the first electric truck to enter the market, but it is one of the most advanced and ambitious ones. Other electric trucks, such as the Tesla Semithe Volvo FE Electric, or the Freightliner eCascadia, have similar or lower ranges than the eActros 600, but they also have smaller batteries and lower power outputs. The eActros 600 also has an advantage in terms of charging speed, as it can use high-power charging stations that are compatible with its 800-volt system.

The eActros 600 is also ahead of its competitors in terms of availability and customer feedback. Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been testing prototype versions of the eActros 600 since 2018, involving more than 20 customers from various sectors in Germany and Switzerland. The feedback from these customers has been positive, as they have reported lower operating costs, lower noise levels, and higher driver satisfaction compared to diesel trucks. Mercedes-Benz Trucks has also been working closely with infrastructure providers, such as Shell or Siemens, to ensure adequate charging options for its customers.

When will the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 be available?

The eActros 600 is expected to go into series production at the end of 2024 at Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ main plant in Wörth am Rhein, Germany. The plant is currently undergoing a major transformation to prepare for the production of electric trucks, involving investments of more than $1 billion USD. The plant will also produce other variants of the Mercedes-Benz eActros family, such as the eActros 300/400 for medium-duty transport and the eEconic for municipal applications.

The eActros 600 will be offered as both a tractor unit and a platform chassis, with different wheelbase options and configurations. The price of the electric truck has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be higher than that of a comparable diesel truck. However, Mercedes-Benz Trucks claims that the total cost of ownership of the eActros 600 will be lower than that of a diesel truck over its lifetime, thanks to lower energy costs, lower maintenance costs, and lower taxes.

The eActros 600 will also be eligible for various subsidies and incentives from governments and organizations that support the transition to zero-emission transport. For example, in Germany, electric trucks can benefit from an exemption from road tolls until 2023 and from grants from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In the European Union, electric trucks can also benefit from the Green Deal, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 90% by 2050.

Why is the Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 important for the future of transport?

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is more than just a truck. It is a symbol of Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ vision and commitment to shaping the future of transport in a sustainable and responsible way. The truck is part of the company’s strategy to achieve carbon-neutral road transport by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change. The company plans to offer only zero-emission vehicles in its main markets by 2039 and to have a carbon-neutral production network by 2022.

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is also a testament to the company’s technological leadership and innovation in the field of electric mobility. The truck showcases the company’s expertise and experience in developing and testing electric vehicles, as well as its collaboration with partners and customers to create solutions that meet their needs and expectations. The electric truck also demonstrates the company’s ability to adapt and transform its production facilities and processes to accommodate the new challenges and opportunities of electric mobility.

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 is not only a truck for today but also a truck for tomorrow. It is a truck that can help customers achieve their environmental and economic goals while providing them with high-quality performance and reliability. It is an electric truck that can make transport more efficient, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. It is a truck that can make a difference for the planet, for society, and for the future. @via Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

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