The MINI Cooper has always been a car for the city. Its compact size, agile handling, and cheeky personality make it a perfect companion for urban adventures. But what if you could have all that plus zero emissions, instant torque, and a futuristic design? That's what the next-generation MINI Cooper promises to deliver.

A New Era of MINI

The next-generation MINI Cooper will be the first model to be based on a new platform that is designed exclusively for electric vehicles. This platform will allow for more space, efficiency, and customization options for the MINI brand. It will also give the MINI Cooper a distinctive look combining its heritage and modern technology.

According to Bernd Körber, head of MINI, the next-generation MINI Cooper will be "the most modern interpretation of our brand's core." He says the new model will "offer a new level of roominess and versatility" and "create the basis for emission-free driving fun in urban areas."

A Stylish and Sustainable Design

The next-generation MINI Cooper will feature a design inspired by the original Mini from 1959 but with a futuristic twist. The car will have a reduced front end, a hexagonal grille, circular headlights, and a flat roofline. The grille will also serve as an intelligent surface that can display different patterns and colors depending on the driving mode or the driver's mood.

The car will also have a sustainable design that uses recycled materials and renewable energy sources. For example, the roof will have integrated solar panels that can generate electricity for the battery. The interior will have seats made of recycled plastic bottles and a dashboard made of cork. The car will also have a digital instrument cluster and a large touchscreen infotainment system.

A Fun and Efficient Driving Experience

The next-generation MINI Cooper will offer a fun and efficient driving experience that is typical of the MINI brand. The car will have a powerful electric motor that can deliver up to 184 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. The car will also have a battery pack providing up to 300 km of range on a single charge. The car will support fast charging, replenishing 80% of the battery in 35 minutes.

The car will also have a dynamic chassis that can adapt to different road conditions and driving styles. The car will have four driving modes: Sport, Mid, Green, and Green+. The Sport mode will enhance the steering, suspension, and acceleration for a more responsive ride. The Mid mode will offer a balanced performance for everyday driving. The Green mode will optimize energy consumption and regenerative braking for maximum efficiency. The Green+ mode will deactivate some comfort functions, such as air conditioning or heating, to extend the range.

The next-generation MINI Cooper will also have advanced driver assistance systems that can enhance safety and convenience. The car will have features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, park assist, and head-up display.

A Car for the Future

The next-generation MINI Cooper is expected to debut in 2023 as a 2024 model year. It will be one of the first models to showcase the new vision of MINI as an electric and iconic urbanist brand. It will also be one of the market's most stylish and sustainable cars.

If you are looking for a car that is fun to drive, easy to park, and good for the planet, consider the next-generation MINI Cooper. It is a car that combines the best of both worlds: tradition and innovation. @via bmwgroup.

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