Volkswagen has a long and proud history of making sporty and practical hatchbacks under the GTI name. From the original Volkswagen Golf GTI in 1976 to the latest Volkswagen Polo GTI in 2021, these cars have been synonymous with fun, performance, and everyday usability. But as the world shifts to electric mobility, Volkswagen is not resting on its laurels. It has just unveiled the Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is a preview of its first fully electric GTI that will go on sale by 2027.

The Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is based on the Volkswagen ID.2all concept that Volkswagen showed earlier this year. The ID.2all is a compact crossover that will be the entry-level model in Volkswagen's ID family of European electric vehicles, positioned below the Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback and the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV. The ID.GTI Concept takes the same basic shape and platform of the ID.2all and adds a dose of sportiness and emotion.

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Design and Features

The Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept features a distinctive design that pays homage to the GTI heritage while also looking forward to the future. The front end has a large black grille with a red stripe and a GTI logo, reminiscent of the classic Volkswagen Golf GTI. Slim LED headlights flank the grille with a honeycomb pattern and dynamic turn signals. The lower bumper has large air intakes and a splitter to improve aerodynamics and cooling.

The side profile reveals a sloping roofline, muscular wheel arches, and 20-inch alloy wheels with red brake calipers. The body color is white with black accents on the roof, pillars, and lower sills. The rear end has a spoiler, a diffuser, and full-width LED taillights with an illuminated GTI logo. The electric car also has GTI badges on the front fenders and the C-pillars.

The interior of the ID.GTI Concept is spacious and minimalist, with a digital cockpit and a touchscreen infotainment system. The dashboard has a honeycomb pattern that changes color according to the driving mode, as well as ambient lighting and a head-up display. The steering wheel has touch controls and a GTI logo, while the seats are upholstered in tartan fabric, another GTI trademark. The car also has plenty of storage space, including a large glovebox that can be accessed from both sides.

Performance and Technology

The Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is powered by an electric motor that drives the front wheels, producing 223 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. Volkswagen has not revealed any performance figures, but we can expect it to be quick and agile, thanks to its low center of gravity, lightweight construction, and sophisticated chassis. The car also has an electronically controlled limited-slip differential that optimizes traction and handling in different driving situations.

The electric car uses a 56 kWh battery pack that can be charged at up to 125 kW using a DC fast charger. Volkswagen claims that the car can travel up to 280 miles on a single charge, based on the European WLTP cycle. The car also has an intelligent energy management system that optimizes efficiency and range.

One of the most interesting features of the ID.GTI Concept is its simulated sound system, which can recreate the engine noises of historic GTIs, such as the Mk 1 from 1976 or the Mk 2 from 1986. The sound can be adjusted according to the driver's preference or turned off completely for silent driving.

Future Plans

The Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is not just a show car but a preview of a production model that will hit the roads by 2027 at the latest. Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer told Autocar and Top Gear that the electric GTI will debut in Europe in 2026 and go on sale in early 2027. He also said that the car is under consideration for other markets, including the US.

The electric GTI will be part of Volkswagen's ambitious plan to launch 11 new all-electric models by 2027, covering various segments and price points. The company aims to become the global leader in electric mobility by 2030, with at least 70 percent of its sales in Europe and 50 percent in China and the US coming from electric vehicles.

The ID.GTI Concept shows that Volkswagen is not only committed to making electric vehicles more accessible and sustainable but also more fun and exciting. It proves that the GTI spirit can live on in the age of electrification, offering a perfect combination of driving pleasure and everyday practicality.

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