Lidl intends to equip approximately 400 of its branches throughout Germany with charging stations for electric vehicles within one year.

Lidl is investing in the nationwide expansion of electromobility: within one year, around 400 Lidl branches will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles, where customers can refuel electricity from renewable energies.

Now Lidl centers have access to about 30 charging stations for electric vehicles, while about 20 additional pillars are now being installed at branches throughout Germany. In addition, Lidl will be opening additional charging stations at additional branches near the motorway as well as in rural areas.

In this way, the maximum distance between two Lidl charging stations for electric vehicles is significantly reduced. Wolf Tiedemann, Director Central Services at Lidl Germany, said: “With this step, we are able to condense our charging network in Germany so that the maximum distance between two Lidl charging stations is 50 kilometers. On average, it will even be under 20 kilometers”

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