When the weather gets extreme, you need extreme control and handling. That’s why Nissan created the X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept, powered by e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive technology. It’s a special rescue vehicle that can tackle the most challenging conditions on the ski slopes.

What is e-4ORCE?

e-4ORCE is Nissan’s innovative technology that combines electric power with all-wheel drive. It uses two electric motors, one on each axle, to deliver instant torque to all four wheels. This gives the vehicle superior traction, stability, and performance on any terrain.

But e-4ORCE is not just about power. It’s also about precision and comfort. Depending on the driving situation, the system can intelligently distribute the torque to each wheel. It can also apply independent brake control to each wheel to reduce understeering and oversteering. This results in a smoother, more agile driving experience, with less body roll and vibration.

e-4ORCE is the evolution of Nissan’s expertise in electric vehicles and all-wheel drive systems. It builds on the success of the Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling electric car, and the Nissan GT-R, the legendary supercar with a sophisticated all-wheel drive system. e-4ORCE is the technology that brings the best of both worlds together for a new level of driving excitement and confidence.

What is the X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept?

The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept is a modified version of the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER, the first SUV to feature e-4ORCE technology. The X-Trail e-POWER is a hybrid vehicle that uses a gasoline engine to charge the battery, which in turn powers the electric motors. This means that the vehicle can run on electric power alone, without the need for external charging.

The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept takes the X-Trail e-POWER to the next level by adding a range of features and equipment to make it suitable for rescue missions in the snow. Some of these features include:

  • A snowplow is attached to the front bumper to clear the way for the vehicle and other rescue vehicles.
  • A winch is mounted on the rear bumper to pull out stuck vehicles or objects.
  • A roof rack with a ski carrier, a snowboard carrier, and a stretcher to transport injured skiers or snowboarders.
  • A solar panel on the roof to provide additional power to the battery and the equipment.
  • A light bar and a siren on the roof alert other drivers and pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence and urgency.
  • A two-way radio and a satellite phone inside the cabin, to communicate with the rescue team and the emergency services.
  • A first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a defibrillator inside the cabin are used to provide immediate medical assistance to the victims.
  • A heated steering wheel and heated seats inside the cabin keep the driver and the passengers warm and comfortable.

The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept is designed to showcase the capabilities of e-4ORCE technology in extreme situations. The vehicle can handle steep slopes, deep snow, and icy roads thanks to the enhanced grip and stability of the all-wheel drive system. The vehicle can also easily accelerate, brake, and corner, thanks to the smooth and responsive electric power. The vehicle can also operate for long periods, thanks to the efficient and reliable hybrid system.

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Why is the X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept important?

The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept is more than just a concept. It’s a real vehicle that Nissan is bringing to the European ski slopes this winter, with the collaboration of the French Ski Federation. The vehicle will be used by the Mountain Rescue Service, a team of professional rescuers who are trained and equipped to assist skiers and snowboarders in distress.

The vehicle will be deployed in several ski resorts in France, such as Val Thorens, Tignes, and Les Arcs. The vehicle will be available for emergency calls, as well as for regular patrols and inspections. The vehicle will also be used for training and education purposes, to raise awareness about the safety and responsibility on the slopes.

The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept is a demonstration of Nissan’s commitment to innovation and social responsibility. The vehicle is not only a showcase of Nissan’s advanced technology but also a tool to save lives and protect the environment. The vehicle is a reflection of Nissan’s vision to create a better future for everyone through mobility that is smarter, safer, and more sustainable.


The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept is a remarkable vehicle that combines the strengths of e-4ORCE technology with the needs of mountain rescue. It’s a vehicle that can handle any challenge with power, precision, and comfort. It’s a vehicle that can make a difference with reliability, efficiency, and versatility. It’s a vehicle that can inspire innovation, collaboration, and vision.

The X-Trail Mountain Rescue concept is a vehicle that defies the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. It’s a vehicle that is ready for any mission, on any slope, in any condition. It’s a vehicle that is powered by e-4ORCE and driven by passion. @via Car Division.

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