NIO ET7 is the new fully-electric sedan from the Shanghai car manufacturer. Presented at NIO Day, on Saturday 9 January 2021, it is the electric car with the longest autonomy ever (1,000km), and with technologies of the highest level. In addition to the presentation of the car, the Chinese manufacturer also showed the public the new battery replacement station and the 150 kWh solid-state battery pack.

The new NIO ET7 is the latest electric car model produced by the Chinese company and the first with the body of a sedan. The electric car is 5.09 meters long, with a wheelbase of 3.06 meters and with huge interior space.

Aesthetically, the electric car has very elegant shapes but also a sporty character. The car's interior has a minimalist style, and the 1.9 square meters panoramic roof enhances the feeling of space. There are also two touch screens, one behind the steering wheel, the other in the centre of the dashboard, which allow passengers to use them as smartphones, as well as useful for driving. Nio also offers fully air-conditioned leather massage chairs complemented by a 1,000 watts sound system.

The electric vehicle has a more powerful battery pack than the previous ones, and for NIO ET7, there will be three battery pack available: the 70 kWh - allows a range of over 500 kilometres, the 100 kWh solid-state battery - allows a range of over 700 kilometres, and the 150 kWh solid-state battery - allows a range of over 1,000 kilometresImportant: All batteries can be exchanged at the unique battery exchange stations. Nio announces that the ET7 will come with solid-state batteries that should have an energy density of up to 360 watt-hours per kilogram. That would be around 40% more than Tesla currently has available.

The Nio et7 electric sedan also brings a novelty: the "NIO Autonomous Driving" system, which should be able to drive the car from one place to another by itself, without problems. To achieve this, the car has 12 ultrasonic sensors, radar system and 11 video cameras with a resolution of 8 megapixels that allows the system to recognize vehicles at a distance of up to 687 meters and pedestrians up to 223 meters. (For example, the cameras used by Tesla only have 1.2 megapixels.)

Theoretically, the NIO ET7 beats the Tesla Model S, currently the best electric car on the market. To be able to discover the true potential of this car, however, we will have to wait until 2022. The pre-order is already available, and the price is between 56,000 and 66,000 euros. Nio intends to rent out the driver assistance systems. If you want to have all the available systems activated, you have to pay around 90 Euro per month.

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The ET7 will only be available with all-wheel drive, with a 180 kW electric motor on the front axle, and a 300 kW electric motor at the rear. The system output is 480 kW (645 hp), with a maximum torque of 850 Newton meters. For the acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h, the Chinese manufacturer specifies a value of 3.9 seconds.

At NIO Day, the Chinese manufacturer presented the 2.0 Swap Battery system. This system replaces the battery charge with the plug, with an actual removal of the battery, and the replacement with another. The 2.0 battery replacement system has a capacity of 312 replaceable batteries per day. Additionally, NIO aims to add 500 new stations nationwide by the end of 2021.

NIO has had two difficult years but is now it's brimming with self-confidence again. The NIO ET7 is a real challenge to the international competition: exchangeable solid-state batteries, Nvidia computing power, assistance systems and a range of up to 1000 kilometres. The overall package performance is unique at this moment.

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