Living more sustainably should be a focus for all of us in 2021, whether that means making adjustments in our everyday lives, consumption, or even our method of transportation. Our traditional fossil fuel modes of transportation must be replaced with greener, more environmentally friendly alternatives, and electric bicycles are a precious option! They not only lower fuel consumption and pollution from cars, but they also provide us with a good source of exercise! So not only do we get to preserve the Earth from air pollution, but we also get to perform some rigorous training. And they're becoming a more popular alternative by the day. The total number of e-bikes in circulation worldwide will reach 300 million by 2023, representing an exponential rise from 200 million in 2019.

Everyone appears to be slowly and gradually jumping on the electric bicycle train! And I've hand-picked a slew of cutting-edge designs for you. I like a wide range of sleek, contemporary, and incredibly unique e-bikes for you, from a slim portable electric bicycle with a unique three-fold mechanism to a morphing and self-balancing unicycle!

1. The ONEBOT-S7.

E-bikes are already a household brand, and they are a standard method of transportation for bikers in many places — with safety standards in place. Add the ease of folding, and the electric bicycle becomes a versatile choice for getting from point A to point B efficiently and swiftly. To achieve this mobility and convenience, the ONEBOT-S7 employs a novel three-fold structure that makes the e-bike ultra-compact when folded, allowing it to fit in the trunk of a car or slip under your workstation (however and wherever you please to use it). In addition, this e-bike folds into the smallest single unit possible, measuring just 60cm in height and length and 35cm in width.

The replaceable battery pack in the frame of the ONEBOT S7 is securely placed beneath the seat. It rests unhindered and merges in with the homogeneous frame design and hue, removing any attention from the e-chrome-like bike's finish. @ designboom.

2. Titaa.

While riding manual unicycles may be too difficult for most people, self-balancing electric unicycles sound like something we could all get behind. Titaa, a self-balancing unicycle designed by Husky Design, is a dual-purpose, modular vehicle that can transition from a bicycle to a self-balancing unicycle. Titaa, in its entirety, is an electric two-wheeler in the shape of a cargo bike. Riders sit upright on a curved, raised seat rest that slopes down toward the bicycle's set of foot pedals while riding Titaa as a two-wheeler. Users can rest their feet there while the engine charges the e-bike in front of them. Titaa is a battery-powered system built into the rear-wheel component that can be changed and recharged near the vehicle's foot pedals. @via yankodesign.

3. The Pilot Bicycle.

The Pilot Bicycle is built around a lightweight 7005 series aluminum frame and eye-catching hubless wheel features. Designer Franz Cerwinka enlisted the assistance of his mechanical engineering colleagues to develop the functional hubless wheel design. Finally, the off-center axle design included extra gear to spin the wheels at the right pace when pedaling. In addition, when the throttle is applied, the onboard motor provides that extra boost on inclines. After several tweaks and adjustments to the design, the Pilot Bicycle was born.

4. OOH Bike.

Victor Tabares, a Barcelona-based designer, created and manufactured OOH Bike. Because this e-bike keeps its pedaling capabilities, most OOH Bike's distinguishing features are embedded within the bicycle itself. For example, the battery levels are displayed along the top of the bicycle's frame, just inside the cyclist's peripheral view. In addition, the battery levels of the electric bicycle are shown by lit-up neon lights by the quarter.

The front wheel of the OOH Bike is completely hubless, creating a polished urban aspect that adds some elegance to an otherwise integrated and practical bike. Furthermore, the spokeless front allows the wheel to rotate swiftly and efficiently. While centerless wheels appear to be purely an aesthetic choice, they operate effectively in urban situations.

5. The PXID – A1

The PXID – A1, a tiny electric bicycle, collapses to the size of a small suitcase for convenient transportation in the boot or even to the office floor, provided the boss allows it. The foldable electric bike has 14-inch tires, and the back tires are powered by the onboard electric battery for assistance riding on inclines. In addition, the seat is height adjustable, and the updated design, as opposed to the previous model, has an angular frame design. This provides the A1 with a far better folding appearance that is also functional in usage. It is so tiny when folded that you can fit more baggage in the trunk of your car with the A1 folding electric bicycle sitting on one corner! The monochrome digital screen on the left side informs the user of the remaining battery levels, average range, current speed, and gear selection.

The 36V battery, stored in the front of the frame, is ideal for power-to-weight ratio equilibrium. The bicycle's design is geared for urban journeys, and the appearance, too, has an energetic aspect. @via pxid.

I can't wait to see the PXID – A1 e-bike on the road!

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