The battery life of an electric car depends a lot on how to use the car, on the lifestyle of the driver, whether he is a CEO or a taxi driver. Fast charging takes the life of the electric car battery.

Why did I refer to these two jobs? Because they are two very different people when it comes to time. And when you have an electric car or plug-in hybrid, charging time is very important.

If you are ridesharing or you are a taxi driver, you will have to quickly load the car several times a day. If you're a CEO, you have plenty of time. Either in the 8-10 hours, you spend at the office or overnight.

Tips for extending the battery life of an electric car:

- if you do not use the electric car for a while, avoid leaving it with the battery 100% full or almost discharged

- the battery of the electric car must be charged between 20-80% when you leave it parked for a long period of time

- fully charge the battery of the electric car for a long-distance journey

- diminish the fast charging time as much as possible

- leave the electric car charged overnight at medium power

- try to park your car in the shade on summer hot days

The American company GeoTab has created a tool to assess the factors that lead to the degradation of electric car batteries.

The battery life of the electric car is affected by 5 factors:

1. time

2. extreme temperatures (above 27 degrees or below - 5 degrees)

3. high electric current

4. usage (charging cycles)

5. use in a high or low load state

After analysing the health of the battery in over 6,000 electric cars, which together have a total of 1.8 million operating days, GeoTab provides us with information on how real-world conditions influence battery life.

The US researchers have collected data from 21 electric car models from various manufacturers over several years.

The battery of an electric car will retain about 90% of its initial capacity in 6 years and 6 months. Based on data from more than 6,000 electric vehicles, which cover all major brands and models, batteries have a high level of health. If the observed degradation rates are maintained, the vast majority of batteries will exceed the life of the vehicle.

The data show that the batteries of electric cars operating in countries where the climate is warm are deteriorating faster than those used in countries with more moderate temperatures.

Although people want to charge in the shortest possible time, the effect it has on batteries can cancel the advantage of the time saved.

Specialists also say that the average decrease in the capacity of an electric car is 2.3% per year. So, if you buy an electric car that has a range of 240 km, after 5 years it will lose only 27 km of range.

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